Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sounds of Running...

He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery. ~ Harold Wilson

We had our first snowfall of the season today. Compared to what I'm used to, this would be what I call a light dusting. But this is Wet Coast so even the mere hint of snow can mean total catastrophe on the roads. Thankfully that wasn't the case today.

I love it when an event, like snow, signals the change of the seasons. Some have troubles with change. For them, it's uncomfortable and scary. I think I thrive off of change, which is probably why I love the changing seasons. It's almost like Mother Nature's way of helping those who like things to stay the same. She ever so gently invites you to embrace change with little things like the first green bud on a tree, the first scorching day, the first leaf hitting the ground, or the first snowfall.

This morning I woke up way to early for a Saturday. After lounging around for a while I decided it was time to get up and celebrate this crisp glorious first snowfall by going for a run. For the first time in a long while I bundled up for my run. Not that it's cold compared to some provinces right now, but the thicker leggings and a toque were a must.

The plan was to run from home, cross over the river and then run uphill to the suspension bridge, and back home again. The last few runs I've gone the opposite way, but this morning called for a challenge - to go UP!

The atmosphere outside was peaceful right from the start. As I got into the first section of trail I tuned my ears to the glorious sounds that surrounded me and went into my happy place....

  • "Good girl, pat, pat"...said the man to his dog who sat patiently as I ran by, all the while looking at me with a glint in her eye.
  • Giggle, laugh, giggle...the children who got to play in the little whisp of snow we had.
  • Crunch, crunch, shoes on the gravel and dirt.
  • Gurgle, burgle, gurgle....the water from the creeks washing over the smooth rocks and making it's way to the ocean.
  • Clomp, clomp, feet hitting the wooden boardwalk in the trail.
  • Jingle, jingle, keys jumping up and down in my pocket.
  • Twitter, tweet, twitter...the birdies greeting me in the woods.
  • ROOOOAAARRR!!! the water falling down the waterfall and crash landing on the rocks below.
  • Mmphht, mmphtt!...snot rockets.
  • Splash, gloosh, shoes slopping through the mud.
  • Wheeze, gasp, breathing as I run up the stairs and then more stairs.
  • Jingle, jangle, jingle....the tags on the dogs who want to run with me up the stairs.
  • Thump, thump, heart beating a quick staccato.
  • Squeak, creak, groan...the music of the suspension bridge.
So many sounds and yet so peaceful. It was one of those runs that make you thankful for the beauty that surrounds us...and thankful I am!

Peace out my glorious friends!