Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I Tried...I Promise...

Okay, I have NO idea what is going on with this body of mine, but I'm starting to feel like someone with narcolepsy. A person who falls asleep several times during the day, but can't get a good night sleep. Not to be confused with the other word that is similar to this one, but means something super icky. Ew.

Aside from getting the head nods super bad at work (I'm thinking I need to put a cushion in front of my keyboard so I don't hurt my head on my desk), I actually fell asleep during my teleclass call last night! HOW HORRIBLE!

When I got home last night, after work, I was already tired but I knew I wanted to hop on the trainer and get a workout in. My teleclass was at 5pm so the plan was to do that, then get on the bike. I thought to myself, if I put on my bike clothes now, then I will have more motivation to get on the bike! So I did.

Unfortunately this didn't happen. I tried. I promise. Thing is I was so groggy after the class that I could barely think straight. (I should probably point out this is a class I'm interested in, so it wasn't lack of interest that made me sleepy.) Which is another problem I've been having with this lack of energy/sleep thing - not being able to think clearly! So I decided just to sit on my couch and meditate for a while. I think that lasted all of five minutes. I'm sleepy, yet restless. Go figure. Later I had some grub, read and called in for my second class of the evening.

I really hope whatever this is passes soon. It's getting quite frustrating.

On a more positive note, I did get on the trainer last Sunday and it felt great. It's been really windy out lately (yesterday we had 70-100 km/h winds!) hence the trainer workouts rather than going outside. My goal was to do 45 minutes and just go by feel. I felt pretty strong throughout the workout and held a steady pace. I'm not officially in training and am only doing sporadic bike workouts, so I was quite pleased with the pace. I think next year is going to be another stellar year for me in improving my bike strength and endurance!

Hmmm, I wonder if maybe I need to get back on some sort of schedule for working out. Maybe that will help my energy levels a bit? I'm not sure.

Oh the words of one of my favourite sayings "This too shall pass".

Peace out my vibrant friends!


  1. i was super groggy too but working out again has helped for sure. I was falling asleep on the phone mid conversation and it was to a 1800 sex (OK not really!)

  2. My theory is that it is the dark so early now. I have not adjusted to not having my sunshine for as long during the day.

  3. Wait, Jenna if you were doing the talking do you have a side job? hee hee j/k

  4. Susi -- maybe you should go to the doctor just in case...It really is unlike you to be so tired. Who knows? Maybe some bloodwork might have an answer.

    It could be the changing of the seasons too -- I find I need more sleep this time of year, but it might be worthwhile to see a doc just in case.

    I had recurring mono for 7 years until I got my tonsils out when I was 27. I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, had shingles, and all other kinds of crap until I got my tonsils out. Once they were out I had so much energy -- they were infected beyond belief.

    Not saying you need to get your tonsils out though...LOL!!!

  5. just get the tonsils out - free icecream!!! lmao - and no daryl - i wasn't talking :)