Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Nude Girl...

"I cannot discover that anyone knows enough to say definitely what is and what is not possible." ~ Henry Ford

I'm betting the title of todays little post is going to likely grab some attention...

Let me start from the beginning. At about 5:35 am this morning I rose up like a zombie out of my bed. Did what needed to be done, got into my car and somehow managed to function well enough to drive the five minutes to the pool.

Once there I got my gear ready, slipped off my outer clothes, slipped on my flip flops (these feet will never touch a changeroom floor or pool deck, gack), did a dance in the shower under the cold water and then did the zombie walk out to the pool.

Oh, and before you start thinking it, I had my swimsuit on under the outer clothes so no, there was no scene in the pool. I got into the pool and started my warm up. It was then I noticed that it felt as if my bathing suit was not quite covering all my bits.

I looked down whilst swimming, but my goggles blocked a view, so I did what any sane triathlete would - I kept swimming. I figured I'd check it out when I finished my warm up, which was about 600m. Meh,I don't look around when I'm swimming to see if peoples bits were out, so why would anyone be looking for mine, right?

Then I started part of my main set. I now had paddles on. After the first few lengths of swimming my mind came back to the fact that something just didn't feel right with my suit. Seriously, was one of my funbags hanging out? That would be tata, booby, or breast for those with a little class.

This time I stopped, took my paddles off, then lifted my goggles. Hmmm, we are getting precariously close to showing a little something something here. So I adjusted things, then went back to my workout.

Here's the thing, I could care less if it was hanging out. It's just a boob. We all have them. Some more than others. Women have the same as men, just with a bit more jiggly squished inside. No biggie. Of course, I did hope that if anything did happen to show, that no one else would be offended cause I had to be able to use the pool. Luckily no incidents. I was respectful enough that I attempted to adjust my suit every once in a while. A none to easy task when wearing paddles I may add!

I was swimming for about 1.5 hours this morning so got to see the 'early morning' crew, then the 'little later than the early morning' crew. I got to share the lane with this mega fast dude. Holy hannah could he swim! Luckily he was cool with sharing a lane with me. Even when I was swimming my 'all out' sets I was no where near this guy! It was motivating when I was to swim fast though.

When I got into the changeroom and took off my flasher swimsuit I got a glimpse of something. Hmmm. Seems to me the inside liner is a little worn out in areas, as can be seen in Exhibit A below. Wonder how long that's been like that?

Apparantly I don't pay attention to these things. However, my friends who were getting ready to go for a swim did. So if you hear of a fundraiser to buy a new suit for me, please chip in. Honestly, I don't know what the fuss is about. The outer part of the suit (polyester which never dies) looks just fine. In my defense I refer you to Exhibit B.

Just ignore the little tuft of liner peeking out of the top, okay?

So perhaps I will go check out some new suits this weekend. I was shown a delightful purple one at Tri-it the other day by Richelle...

As I was driving home I took note of the sky and said a thank you to the Universe for not having a bike ride today. It was none to inviting...

Hopefully the weather turns a little nicer for the weekend as that will be my last longish ride until race day. Yes, my favourite part of the race season is about to begin - taper! Phew.

I have been feeling better this week and do have more energy, but unfortunately am still lacking a bit of enthusiasm in my workouts. So it goes when you are a solo triathlete 99% of the time.

Guess it's almost time to start counting down till race day...

Peace out my lovely friends!


  1. It is true i am officially a pervert....

  2. Hahaha....my suit looks like yours, although mine is worn out more in the chest area...

  3. (Makes mental note to check lining of shorts.)

    I have to admit, of 7 blogs with new content this morning, yours had the most appealing title, by far. It was too late, I was already thinking it. Your denial was 5 paragraphs too late.

    So buy another swim suit already. I'm finding it tough to believe you have only one. And that it's not purple. Or better yet, don't buy a new one, and come swimming at FOMC.

  4. Wow, you really did a number on that liner! Normally my outer layer goes before the liner does. Must invest in a polyesther suit...

  5. It sure is a nice feeling having made it to the taper. :) Now you can heal up fully and enjoy the icing on the cake(race day).

  6. Go to www.swimoutlet.com and check out their suits. Good variety and there's always some on sale. (LOL, Keith!)

  7. Whoa! Is it a Splish suit? I love their suits, but when they blow apart...well, you know! ;-) My linings in my nylon suits have held intact, but what happens is the straps seem to stretch. Add some speed and water flow, and well, "Hello, Girls!" lol! :)

    Great to hear you are doing well!!!

  8. taper is a great time to buy a new suit, and new gloves and a new tri top and some extra hammer bars and oh look at the pretty helmet~!! (I've been shopping - holy smokes I've been shopping)

  9. I'm sooo with you on the merits of the polyester suits. You can still get AT LEAST one more season out of big blue...

    Also, holy crap isx it time for IMC already? Starting today i am sending you good vibes for your race. Who else is doing it? Keith? Julie? Jenna? Good luck to you all!!! and most importantly, enjoy the taper!

  10. Keith is volunteering at the finish line! Hoping to repay the catching Susi did for me at 70.3. Cept she was in the loo! I'd rather burst. Julie is doing it, though she'll probably be done before my finish line shift starts. Jenna will be out there, not sure about her volunteering, but the people near her will need hearing protection.

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