Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Beautiful BC Part Two...

Welcome to Part Deux/Dos/Two of my trip to BC...this is the photo version. As blogger is rather difficult when it comes to text and photos, I'll just let you browse through and discover some of Beautiful British Columbia for yourself.

A couple hints though...anything where the photo looks up at the trees or a path, is the Grouse Grind. Me in a wetsuit was my 'test out the ocean' swim. The photos of me looking like I'm biking - was from when I was biking. There's a stretch there eh?! The rest are from here and there when I was running or visiting with family and friends. Oh and the sushi out die for. I actually had some wrapped in cucumber rather than seaweed. It was crisp and refreshing.


Peace out my gloriferous friends!


  1. Love the photos! Especially the one of the two statues. Looks like they each blew out the mother of all snot rockets. I've got to try the grind sometime.

  2. Beautiful pics, Susi. Thanks for sharing a slice of BC with us Albertans who read your blog.

  3. Loved the pics, what a wonderful photo journey. The "dog guardian" one made me laugh. And I loved the Canadian flag/flower one too.

  4. Frick, it is UGLY out there!! Holy shite, how can you stand it beotch!!

  5. Looking out for number one...LOL!!!

    And that picture of where you are looking back at the camera --- your neck was working in that photo!! YAY!!!

  6. Yep, all those gorgeous pictures and you can guess which is my favorite? The dog poop sign!!!