Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Holy hannah banana! We had some wicked storms blowing through here yesterday - literally. I was working away quietly in my little office, with the window open, enjoying the pitter patter of the gentle rain. Ahh, so very soothing.

Soon enough a noise permeated my thinking brain. I looked outside and the rain was going sideways, up, and down. What the... The wind sounded ferocious and the sky black so I ran to the back window in fear that I would see a funnel cloud.

Hey, was that Dorothy and Toto who just flew by??

Thankfully there was no funnel cloud, but the clouds were making a very mean face and my trees were now on an angle. The majority of the day was like that, so I made an executive decision to borrow my friend Esthers dreadmill.

I know, I know, the shame of it all. A BC girl not running in the rain! Yes, it's true, I do have webbed feet, however I do not have the power of flight and with the winds that were happening I was worried it would lift me right up off the ground. Oh, and let's not forget the lightening and thunder, which I'm afraid of.

The one good thing was that Esthers dreadmill is parked in front of this MONSTER flat screen. You see, I do not have cable. And the Tour de France is on.

Honestly, I have no idea how the tour works other than there is a very large group of spandexed hotties riding from point to point and eventually they get to the Champs de Elysses. I have tried to figure out what they are doing, but so far I'm at a loss. I'm ok with that.

So I get to Esthers all geared up and ready to watch hot man tushies on bikes and what has she got on? A pilates DVD. Sigh. 'Uhm, so ahhh, how long you gonna be with that very fascinating DVD Esther??' Thinking to myself, 'Cause, it's your house and I know I'm only a guest, but I'd really like to take over your tv because the Tour is on and I am just not motivated by the lithe chicky on the boob tube.' Ya know what I'm sayin'??

Thankfully I only had a few short minutes before the cyclefest was on. I had no idea, actually, if they were even showing the tour. I don't know what times it's on or what stage they are at. I just wanted to see them ride.

There is something about watching pros do their thing. It's fantastic. All 'spandex hotties with massive powerful thighs' reference aside, these guys are absolutely amazing! I am in awe of how fast they go, how well they climb and just how 'in the zone' they seem to stay day in and day out. It's absolutley inspiring!

Turns out the tour wasn't on, but they were recapping the past legs, which was great because I got to see all the highlights! Let the Yum-fest begin!

It's definitely motivating running on the spot trying to 'chase' the guys.

I ran an easy 40 minutes as was called for, then did a 10 minute walk. It was during my walk that they were showing some of the time trials and crashes. For some reason I must have had sympathy for those falling because my foot caught the edge of the treadmill (where exactly did I think I was walking too?) and I almost fell. Almost. I didn't fall because I am a ninja princess with cat like reflexes. Or so I like to tell myself.

Funny thing though, they showed that same footage a couple minutes later and I did the same thing! Again, no actual falling, just stumbling to regain balance. I wonder if I was moving with the tv camera? Too funny.

So that was my rainy Monday. It's still rainy and icky out today. Sigh. All I want to know is who the heck washed their car and then killed a whole bunch of spiders?!

Peace out my friends!


  1. We didn't have quite the rain or wind you did, but I still didn't want to go outside. I like watching people that know, really know, what they're doing. The pro's. They make it look so easy, so do-able. So eye candy-ish. Hmmmmm, is there a female Tour?

    Today is raining here again, and I'm going to be some grumpy if I have to hit the trainer. In July. Grrrr.

  2. Did you ever see Polar heart rate clips of a random rider? It's hilarious - their heart rates are like 130bpm. LOL!!! ANd they are flying along at 50 kph. LOL!!!

    I don't have it figured out yet either -- but I have seen rather alarming photos of riders -- they ain't so big and muscly. They are puny dits -- skeletal even!! Like frigging anorexic jockeys some of them. LOL!!

    I'm with Keith -- there should be a female Tour!!!!

  3. Hilarious post-LOL at the all the hottie references and webbed feet comment. I love the tour! You are lucky that you got to watch all the highlights while running-it has definitely been an exciting year. I love it! Sorry about your near twister-yikes!