Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Grocery List...

I went to see Kevin, my chiropractor/ART dude, today with what I like to call, a grocery list. The list went like this - I have a lump in my left calve and I think I've worked most of it out, but it needs more squishing; there is a knot in behind my left shoulder blade that is making it somewhat difficult for me to turn my head; I really, really need my spine crunched right between the shoulder blades; and last, but not least, there is something wrong with my elbow - I know not what.

Ah yes, the elbow. I can swim no problem. Phew. So what's the issue? Well, I was having troubles opening doors, lifting a glass, or rather, trying to grab hold of something then bend my arm without feeling a shooting pain go through my elbow. I remember it tweeking in Malaysia. I was lifting weights and the 20 lb dumbell was gone, so I used the 25 lb one. I was doing my second set of a one arm bench press when I felt something go. Huh. Well, as I often do, I ignored it till I could ignore it no longer. Turns out I pinched a nerve. Ow.

As most of my visits go with Kevin, I give him my list then let him get at it. Pretty much the only thing you hear out of me as he gets in there and says 'Aah, yes, I can feel that' is 'Mfffhhrugh, uurghheff, fbombagggh, ow!' Really, he should hand out leather straps to bite down on as he works out those knots and nerve pinches!! The good news is the pain paid off and things are feeling a bit more loose. Suhweet.

My run tonight started off pretty well. IT WAS SUNNY!! For some reason I thought this meant I could dress like it was actually spring. Riiiiight. All was well as I headed east, but once I turned around it was "holy hannah that's a friggin cold headwind!!".

I was getting a little bummed about my run on the way back as I was feeling somewhat sluggish. Considering I just came off a rest week, I didn't think I should feel this way. In fact, all my training, with the exception of my swimming, has been feeling this way lately. There are few reasons for this and I have to work through them. It can happen during IM training, that much I know. Hopefully things will feel better as I get closer to the race. I least I pray it does! In the meantime I shall muddle through.

I should mention something interesting...this was the first time since last October I wore my Garmin. I tend not to wear a lot of electronics as I prefer 'natural' running. I don't know why I chose to wear it today, I just did. As I reset it I noticed the time and distance of the last run I did.

I fully planned on running the full time, but as I was running up the hill to home I started losing feeling in most parts of my bod. The wind was freezing and killer! For some reason I could feel the liquid boogers streaming down my face though. Nice! I started to worry I was going to become some cryogenic mishap broken into a million pieces on the road, so rather than running around the neighborhood, I kept going up, up, and up the hill. The total time of the run was 1:24 hours.

When I got home, and after I thawed out, I started flipping through my Garmin looking at the times and average pace. Remember how I said I felt sluggish? Well my average pace tonight was 6:43 min/km. This is about a minute faster than almost all of my average paces last year. Another interesting point, last year I ran at a much higher heart rate than I have been since being under IronGreg's tutaledge.

Okay, so I'm still not super fast, and maybe I'll never be, but this was a training boost I needed. And yes Gregory, I belieeeeeeve! :)

As a side note, I want to congratulate my friend, Maureen, on her son Callum's performance at the Olympic swim trials today. Although he didn't make the team for the 100 m backstroke, he did absolutley amazing. Just the fact that he was there show's what an incredible athlete he is! Great job Callum!! A great big HOOYAH shout out to you.

Peace out my friends.


  1. 6:34 per Km is about 9 Kph. That is excellent! And that's when you were feeling sluggish. I've no doubt that on race day it will be, look out world here comes Susi!

  2. That is awesome. There was a time when, I'll admit it, I wasn't 100% convienced of the zone two training. I will now do absoutely everything that man says to the letter.

    Congrats on the great run. I know that slugglish feeling well and it's nice to get a good kick in the pants to remind you all the hard work really does pay off!

  3. I feel the same way about getting outdoors -- hurry up and be spring already!! I've had it with winter and when the sun comes out, I want to put on my shorts and MAKE it summer! LOL!!

    What fantastic improvement you've made Susi!!! WOW!! That is a HUGE difference. You are going to blast your way to new PB, my dear! :) :)

  4. yep - I BELIEVE!! Great gains Susi :) Feels good to feel like crap and be that much faster :) Sometimes we just have to STOP and realize progress comes in MANY forms :)