Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Running...Au Natural???

Well now, our friend Keith may be onto something with all his talk on running nekid...


  1. (Frantically checks own blog.)
    Nearly went swimming in my undies. check.
    Running "free"? not check.

    I've some comments nearly on this topic when I post in a few minutes.

  2. lol..i saw this article and thought "hmmmm, I think runnign naked would actually HURT." so I'm taking a pass .... not to mention that while a some bodies look ok naked while STILL and perhaps SUNTANNING - once standing up, moving and having the impact vibrations of running jostling one's fat supply - that once ok looking naked person gets not ok looking rather quickly.

  3. I'm with you Jenna!! I like my goodies wrapped up and snuggled into spandex. I don't want my boobs to hang down like tear drops like those pygmy women. Your boobs don't have to be big to suffer the effects of gravity... LOL!!!