Sunday, 25 May 2008

Penticton Pictures...

I didn't get too many pictures - my camera is too big so I didn't take on any rides. However, here are a few you might enjoy!

Greg and Mark getting ready for Friday's ride, while Darryl chows down.

Nice IMC shirt Mark! (I saved mine till Sundays ride...)

Part of Julie, and all on Upper Bench Rd during Friday's ride.

The post dinner training chat. From left going clockwise; Julie, Kelsey, Mark, Iona, Trevor, Dominic, Andrea, Darryl and IronGreg.

Mark and Darryl before the ride home. Boo, home time!

The Susi sandwich! Uh, nice shades Greg.... :)

My favourite picture! Yes, I'm that short that everyone else had to shrink down. Tee hee.

A truly memorable weekend spent with an amazing, talented group of people!! I'm ready to go back!


  1. great pics thanks!! and you're not THAT short - you have some height on me girl!!!

  2. I love the Susi sandwich shot. What a great smile! Good thing the boys scrunched down for you otherwise we'd lose them from the Adam's Apple up.

    Sounds like you had a great time out there, building your prep for IMCDA. You're totally going to rock the course.

    Looking forward to reading about this weekend's ride. I'm going to feel like a total weenie if you sucked it up and went outside for your planned ride. But I think I made the right choice.

    And Jenna, sorry, but yes, Susi IS that short. (but mighty, not forgetting that.)

  3. I love the pics... so many memories. :)

  4. Great looking group of people and talented triathletes!

  5. That was a great weekend!! And yes, Susi may be short, but like she says -- she is 5'2' of FURY!!!

  6. I just noticed I have a big nose don't I?

  7. big nose?! dude, i'm dutch, only an italian nose can beat a dutch nose. your nose is a button nose compared to mine! LOL