Saturday, 10 May 2008


I had a two hour ride today and I had to get it done early as I had some later appointments. I figured it might be a bit cool out early in the day, but I told myself I was going outside no matter what...

As I sat eating my Quinoa power breakfast I checked out the old Weather Network. Oh. Well. Look at that. It's 2C with a windchill of -2C and a 15 km/h wind. I see. Huh.

The following thoughts went through my head. I have run in -24C weather. I have xcountry skiied in -18C weather. I sure as hell can bike in 2C weather. I think.

I made a bargain with myself, I would bundle up and ride for at least a half an hour and if I was too cold, then I could go back and finish up on the trainer. I put on many layers: long sleeve tech shirt, bike shirt, thick long sleeve bike shirt, neon yellow windbreaker jacket, leggings, bike shorts, shoes, booties, and skull cap (thanks Kels!). For a moment I wondered if I might actually be too warm?!

I got my stuff together and went out. Guess what? It was great out there! I lucked out and had the perfect amount of clothes on and my booties kept my feet toasty.

I did the usual Grand Valley - Horse Creek route. I didn't see anyone for a long time, not suprisingly, then saw a ton of groups out there! I am sure I saw more people out there than when it's sunny out. What's up with that?! All the cows were out this morning and several mooed their good mornings to me. I, of course, responded in kind.

It was pretty grey out and there was still a bit of snow on the ground (we got 6" on Thursday unlike Cowtown), but the roads were dry.

My process goal for today was to ride like I did when I went out with Richelle a few weeks ago. So I did. There were a couple of moments when my legs slowed down, and I would let them recover for short periods. Interestingly enough those short breaks were enough recovery so I could push hard again. It was awesome. I'm so happy with the progress on my biking this year - that's really what I wanted to achieve this season. A reward for my work - I managed to finish in the same time as when I was out with Richelle - so very cool!

When I got home the wee pug that lives across from me, and typically just barks at me from the window, was outside with his owner. He was jumping like mad trying to get to me so I walked over and showed him some love. Funny thing - his tongue hangs out of his mouth. It's a tongue that Gene Simmons would be jealous of, it almost hits the ground. Seriously. I have no idea why it's like that, but he doesn't seem to mind.

I had to head out for my brick run so asked if the wee one goes for runs. I was told, indeed he did. So I asked if I could take him with me. Puhleeeeez! Oh, have I ever mentioned how much I love dogs?? I would love to have one, but I'm not home enough, so instead I like to borrow other peoples dogs now and then. Heh heh.

I got him all leashed up and off we went. He was sooo excited about getting out he was pulling me along by biting his leash and tugging. In fact, for a small dog he had a fair amount of strength and was pulling me down the hill at a rate that was not what I call a post bike pace! It was quite the site, a very small pug pulling me down the hill with me shouting 'Heel! Heeeeel!'. I figured he was small and so might tire out and sure enough he did, within about 3 minutes.

We then settled into a comfortable pace. It was so much fun having the little guy running with me. Once in a while he'd try to sniff something - that's when I had to inform him that there is no 'Stop and Sniff' in Ironman! Surprisingly, he seemed okay with that.

By the time we had to run up the hill I was thinking I might have to carry him a bit, but it appears my little furry friend is a true IronDog and didn't need the help. Hooyah for IronDog!

Peace out my friends.


  1. great ride and so happy you found an irondog!!

  2. lol I love dogs too. You should describe your route or post a map, I need ideas for future rides. We came through your town and up the hill for our long ride today. Later in the day though, however I did keep my eyes open for your braids. Didn't see em. :(

  3. Anytime! A warm head is important! I'm all about keeping my feet warm, warm feet are happy feet!