Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Rules For The Day...

Routine can be a dangerous thing...

I got to the train station this morning and did my usual thing - which is begin to run down the stairs to the platform. I got about five steps down when my legs all of a sudden went 'NOOOOOO!'. It was then I remembered the last four days events. Ow.

For a split second I thought, 'Oh no! I'm not the five-foot-two-of-fury-ninja-princess-she-ra triathlete I thought I was! I can't even run down stairs!!'. Then I quickly came to my senses and thought, 'Don't be silly - of course you are!' Nothing like a little self affirmation in the morning.

It was then though that I thought, perhaps in light of how tired my legs are we should set some rules for the day.
  • No stairs. Not up or down. Be a wuss for a day and take the elevator.
  • No trying to pass fellow pedestrians as we all scurry to work. Not even if you know you could take them.
  • Stretching. Lots of stretching must occur. Just don't do it in the elevator.
  • Self massage the quads. Work out those knots!

For the most part I was able to follow the rules. I even got 'caught' taking the elevator up for one flight. Needless to say I was totally embarassed, but I didn't feel guilty. I did forget to take the elevator down at the end of the day, so ended up walking the five flights. I just took it slow and easy.

Today I discovered that a great way to stay awake in a meeting is to self massage the quads. This is a trick IG taught me. When I was in Malaysia my quads were super tight from running every day, so he suggested rubbing my pointy elbow lengthwise along my quad and IT band. I figured it would look weird if I did that in the meeting so instead used my thumb knuckle.

Let me tell ya, if you are ever about to fall asleep in a meeting, or somewhere you shouldn't, just take your thumb knuckle and slowly slide it down your IT band. ZIIIING!!! I was wide awake and doing something good for the bod. Plus, I'm sure I got bonus points from the boss for actually sitting through a two hour meeting without getting the head nods! A feat indeed!! The massage did help work things out, although my knuckles were pretty red after doing this for so long.

So I made it through the day just fine. My legs are still pretty tired, but they aren't that bad. I am glad though that I'm not running or biking tonight. Instead it's a yoga stretch night. Aaaah.

Peace out my friends!


  1. Great tip on massaging the quads!

    What an amazing few days you've had -- killer workouts, all in a row and still able to walk -- Bravo!! :) :):)

  2. it's nice to have you back blogging!!

  3. Dude what happened to you when I was gone! Crazy girl, we'll find you some many candy then you don't have to be getting into questionable positions with elevators!

  4. LMAO!!! Welcome home Kels!

  5. Hey that actually works(the it band massage), oh fyi I responded to your soaker comment on your last thread about your hill workout.