Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Hold On A Cotton Pickin' Second...

Just as the rest of the world is watching the Olympics, so am I. I've only been able to catch wee bits here and there, but I have been amazed and inspired by all of the talented athletes. I pretty much watch whatever happens to be on and I cheer for everyone.

The fact that they've made it to such a prestigous event, in my mind, speaks volumes about how incredible they all are. Therefore, I'm not focused on who wins. As corny as it sounds, they are all winners to me.

One of the events that seems to be on most evenings is beach volleyball. I gotta say it, I have a bone to pick with this sport...

Now before you go jumping to conclusions as to what that bone may be, let me just say it has nothing to do with the women's uniforms. Wait, would we call it a uniform?! Okay, so it's bikini bottoms topped off with a jog bra. As far as I'm concerned these women should be wearing that. Afterall, they are on a 'beach' and what's wrong with showcasing their gorgeous athletic bodies?!

So what has my feathers in a ruffle?! It's not the women's outfits - IT'S THE MENS!!!

I turn on the boob tube tonight for a bit of an Olympics fix and what do I see??? Men playing beach volleyball - all covered up! Hold on a cotton pickin' second! What the heck is up with the board shorts and baggy basketball shirts?! Okay, now I'm not saying that these guys should be in Speedos. No one should be in Speedo's - not even my beloved Faris. Seriously though folks, how about board shorts and NO shirts? Huh? Huh? It's BEACH volleyball for crying out loud!

Did someone somewhere think that they needed to cover these guys up so as to not offend?! The girls are looking hot, why not the men???

I have two words for you people - 'TOP GUN'. Ya, that's right. Remember that unforgettable beach volleyball scene with Maverick, Goose, Iceman and, and, uhm, well the other hot dude. Jean shorts and nothing else baby. Just muscular, sweaty hot bods... That's what I'm talking about! Let's hope that whoever is hosting the 2012 summer Olympics will put a little more thought into this. In fact, give me an address and I'll start a letter campaign!

Okay, that's my gripe for the games. No, this post has nothing to do with triathlon or my training, but it had to be written.

We will return to our regular blog programming tomorrow, because yes I have been training and, as always, I have a tale or two to tell...

Peace out my friends and good luck to all the wonderful, amazing Olympic athletes!!


  1. Female beach volleyball. mmmmmmmmm.

    This is one of the few times I regret not having cable television.

  2. So funny....and my I add that Phelps continues to unzip his suit on deck and takes it down so we see just a bit of his butt crack...such a TEASE!!!

  3. Well, at least during a triathlon it is on equal footing for both male and females...lots of eye candy to go around in form fitting uniforms.