Saturday, 9 August 2008

Running With The Senses...

What a glorious day! Everything seemed to come together in my run today - it was fantastic and I enjoyed every second.

Early into my run I decided that I'd set the intention to run with my senses. I wanted to see, hear and feel every moment of the hour run I had planned.

I started out from the gym and ran along the pathway that follows the river. It was gorgeous out. The sun was shining and warm. The sky was as blue as it could be with nary a cloud to be seen. As I looked ahead along the path, I thought I saw a golf cart coming onto the path. Huh? There is a golf course nearby so I was wondering if someone was playing around and veered off course or something.

As I got closer to the 'golf cart' I noted that it was actually a little scooter with a cover over top to block out the sun, and I rain I supposed if it were raining out. Encased in this little mobile tent was a wee senior citizen. Accompanying him were four of the cutest dogs - all bichon frise, I believe. Two were sitting and looking out the front end, one enjoyed the breeze as he looked out the side, and the last one was sitting on his masters lap.

I think the gentleman driver sensed that I would love to pet all the pups because when I got near him he stopped the cart to say hello. That's when all his furry travellers hopped off and came around to greet me. They were so soft and fuzzy I had a blast petting them and getting some cuddles, while chatting to the man.

I bid them adieu and continued on my merry way. The river was stunning today. Parts of it were a light emerald green and other parts a light indigo blue. As I ran I listened to it gurgling over the rocks. It sounded so cool and refreshing I was tempted to jump in!

There are a couple of sections of path that are enclosed by trees or bushes. The are many calming sounds in this section. My feet softly hitting the path with the red shale rock crunching underneath or the light drumlike sound as I ran over the short wooden bridges, my steady and calm breath, the crickets twitching their legs in the grass, and the rustle of the leafs on the trees as a soft breeze blew through them.

My running felt steady and strong. For the first time in quite a while I felt light on my feet. My form was comfortable and my pace easy. To my great joy my heart rate stayed low for the entire run. This was a great sign. It means I can start building up on my run again. I am scheduled to run a half marathon in October and was curious as to when my body would tell me it was ready to start training for that. If today is any indication, then I should be good to go.

I ran underneath the bridge that stretches over the Bow River. I could hear the enginge brakes of the semi's as they slowed to roll over it. Directly underneath you could hear the thud-thud, thud-thud of the cars and trucks as they drove over the bridge deck.

There was a young family exploring near the edge of the river. It was wonderful to see the expression of the kids as they sought out neat things to look at. As soon as one of the kids found something, a shout of excitement and glee could be heard. It was great watching their sense of wonder and curiousity.

I followed the path to loop around close to the 30 minute mark and headed back. I was running past a little pond when I noticed him - a blue heron standing still in the water. It was the beauty of this bird that caught my attention. Perhaps the curiousity of the kids I had gone by had rubbed off on me because I stopped in my tracks and just stood there watching him. A sense of peace and calm washed over me.

A woman was walking towards me on the path and stopped to see what I was looking at. At this point the heron slowly turned around then swiftly stabbed at the water with his beak and scooped up some food. We both stood there enjoying the beauty of this great bird.

After a few moments, we wished each other a wonderful day and I was heading back in the direction I'd come from. I decided to veer off the beaten path for a moment and ran through a little trail that skirts the river. As I did I noticed a little dragon fly with golden wings. He was flying in front of me, almost as if he was guiding me. Every once in a while he'd land on the path, but as soon as I was near he would take the lead again. He did this for the entire section.

I had a wonderful surprise as I got back onto the last little bit of path towards the gym. This section doubles as an off leash park for dogs. I love running through here and watching all the dogs run to and fro in their glory of not being on a leash. Just as I got on the path I spotted her. A tiny little bulldog. I couldn't help myself, I let out a squeal of glee!

I'm sure I took the owner by surprise. I quickly explained that bulldogs are my absolute favourite dogs in the entire world and that I had yet to see one in this park. The puppy (I learned she was only five months old) could tell immediately that I had nothing but love for her. She ran around me with a big smile and a sagging tongue. Then she'd flop at my feet and I would scritch her behind her ears and rub her belly. Next thing she'd be up and off running away from me, then back towards me. She jumped up and down excited to have someone to shower her with hugs and cuddles. I was in heaven! I hated to leave her but had to make my way back.

I am pretty sure I had a smile on my face the entire run. I got back to the gym and did a short leg workout, with a little bit of chest thrown in.

I set out with the intention to run with my senses and I achieved that goal. Everything was alive around me and I loved every moment of it. I truly hope that others had a spectacular day just as I did!

Peace out my wonderours friends!


  1. wow that was a spectacular run. You are a peace, love, granola girl(I hope I got it right). lol you probably made that man's day. Last weekend there was a lil girl walking her big weiner dog, you know the brown and white kind that has the ears hanging nearly do the ground. They're so cute Greg and I got to pet her. I so want a dog, maybe in a few years.

  2. susi....thanks for rescuing my attempt at IMC.... It will be different than planned, but that is ok. Told mom she can likely call your cell for front line updates... Then she can update dad in hospital if the have no Internet.... You have been a blessing!!!