Thursday, 7 August 2008


Finally! I was able to attend a yoga class this week. Due to the holiday Monday and some very poorly scheduled 'mandatory' work meetings I wasn't able to go until today.

My body let me know that missing that many days of yoga is now a big no-no. As I slowly made my way into the downward dog position I could hear my very tight hamstrings and arse muscles scream 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!' I'm pretty sure I could hear a creaking sound too. So not good.

This is what I get for riding and doing weights and somehow neglecting the stretching aspect after. Who am I kidding? I didn't somehow neglect the stretch, I just didn't do it. I know, feel the shame, but this is one of the reasons I go to yoga!

After a few moves the hams and arse loosened up, so next it was onto my hip flexors. A similar cry of protest was heard, as well as the creaking noise. Oh but did it feel good when things let go! Man I love these classes.

Today was the strength one. At one point we were in plank and had to lower ourselves slowly from a count of eight. Our yogi then repeated four a few times so we would hold. As we got down to one I slumped to the floor. Actually there was a collective slump happening throughout the room. It was pretty funny. No resting though! We were up and at it again soon enough.

I like the way this yogi puts together some of the moves. Unfortunately I haven't learned all the names of them yet. I believe we started with reverse warrior and then we flow into warrior one, or maybe it's two. I find these moves together are so beautiful and graceful. They just flow into one another like a dance. During these moves I actually could feel the energy flowing through my body as we were doing it. A first!

Come to think of it there were a few firsts in class today. For one, I think my back is loosening up a bit as I was actually able to wind my arms in front of me. (Think arms straight out in front, then bend elbows ninety degrees with hands towards the ceiling, then put one arm under the other and twist.) It was awesome!

Another first was actually doing a shoulder stand. At first I was a little timid. Then ever so aum like I said to myself, 'Ah what the heck! Just do it!' So I did! It was pretty cool, but I'm sure my windpipe was bent a bit as breathing was a tad more laboured than before. Then we had to slowly lower our legs and try to touch the ground behind our heads! SO INSANE! I did my best, alas there was no toe touching there. I will have to work on this one for sure.

Later on our yogi had us rest on our bellies and put one cheek to the mat. (Face cheek people, not butt cheek...) You could feel the relief in the class as before that had been quite strenuous. The rest was not to be long lived though. We then had to reach behind us, bend our knees and grab our feet. Then rock oursleves sideways so we would end up on our side in this pose. Hmmm... I did try. Honest! But I was also trying not to giggle as I tried to roll on my side because I couldn't stay there! I don't know if it was due to my 'Ahnold' shoulders or my 'Baby Got Back' tushy, but there was just no staying on the side for this gal. So I just held the pose on me belly.

I felt truly relaxed at the end. I managed to hold onto that relaxed feeling through most of the afternoon as well as I worked on my rush project.

This evening I hit the gym again. I decided my legs could use a break and just worked on upper body. I'm getting pretty good at the ball pushups. I might just have to start adding reps there. Or not. That might hurt too much!

Peace out my wonderful friends!

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  1. Have you tried the headstand against a wall yet? That's always great fun!! LOL!