Sunday, 14 June 2009

Beating The Rain...

We are finally getting some really nice weather out here...but only for the day, which is okay by me! Later on we've been getting thunderstorms and some very cool lightening shows!
Thursday I did 'crits' as the cool triathlete kids say...or for those like me that had to look up what the heck that was 'criterium'. Bascially it's speed work. I found out some of the Cochrane gang were going to be doing these so I stayed in town and hooked up with them. Or rather, him. No one else showed! So it was just me and my good buddies' hubby, David.
We went to a new development that apparantly is now bankrupt. The streets and that are all in though so it's wicked because there is fresh paved road and little loops you can do the crits on without people, cars, houses or anything!

I did five short crits and five long ones. The short ones were a blast and a nice change from hills. The long ones got me hitting the retaste it zone. Why did I think that lime tortilla chips would be a good energy boost before the ride?? I know not. What I do know is I would burp some of these chips up at the exact same spot for every circuit. Thankfully David is well versed on my burping prowess so paid no mind.

It was great being out there because David is definitely fast than I, so I was motivated to try to keep up as much as possible....hence the retaste it zone. I loved doing crits though and hope I get to do more in the future.

On Friday I had a great run and just did intervals in my pace zone. I'm feeling better on the run, which is pretty exciting. Let's hope I feel that way next weekend in the race!

Today I had a full day of helping out with the Kids of Steel going on in town and fitting in a bike ride. To be honest I was supposed to do my bike ride yesterday, but was asked to go to Carifest (a Carribean Festival) in the city and decided I really wanted to do that meant doing my bike today after the KOS.
If you have never volunteered for a KOS race I highly recommend it. The older kids are great and know what they are doing...the young ones, well, lets just say they are happy to be there, but need a bit of help with things. Which is the fun part. They are so adorably sweet, especially the 4-6 year olds. You have no idea how cute it is to help out a wee one with their shoes and helmut etc then send them off on their teeny tiny bicycle with streamers and training wells. Needless to say I was smiling all morning! Oh, and I'm totally getting streamers for my tri bike....

The ride this afternoon was really good. My legs are beat to snot right now, but in a good way. I feel strong and it's a good feeling. I'm hoping this translates in a good half IM for me on the weekend, but hey, race day will be what it is.
Because the duathlon was on I just did an out and back along Hwy 1A, Grand Valley Rd, Twp 280 and a wee bit of Horse Creek Rd. Horse Creek Rd is now paved along the top part by Twp 280 and it is DIVINE! I was smiling a lot through that portion.
I had fun climbing hard up the hills, reminding myself to push, checking out the expecting cows in a west field and the mama cows with the babies in the east field. Oh, and there is now a herd of horses in another field. Not sure where they came from because they haven't been there in past years. They were totally gorgeous though.
On the way out there was a cyclist ahead of me that I tried to chase down. They lost me on the hills but it was fun having that carrot dangling in front of me for the way out. I managed to make it back before the storm clouds rolled in!

Oh, and where are the prairie dogs? I normally am dodging the little guys left right and centre, but alas, I have not seen any. What's that about? I miss them. They are adorable and they keep my on my guard when I'm riding. Very strange that they aren't about....
Lastly, I FINALLY changed my shoe clips. Please note the difference in Exhibit A and Exhibit B. (Note, it took a very small allen key to pick out the red gunk remnants and all the stones that were lodged in my old clips.) I don't know...I don't see a difference, do you see a difference?? Hmmm...


I forgot to test them out before I left and as I came to the first light I could't unclip the right one. Panic just about to set in, but then the gerbil in my brain woke up and did what he always does, comes up with plan B. This meant he was shouting "LEFT CLIP, UNDO THE LEFT CLIP!". I am thankful for my gerbil at times. Without him I would have fallen over in front of a line up of cars. Totally not cool...although I know I'd be laughing about it.

A huge shout out to all my fellow triathlon buds who are racing this weekend - Leslie D, Leslie R, Katie, Amy, Nola, JoZ, Darryl, Kelly, Kikibean, and Alexander The Great. My positive energy was equally divided up and sent out to all of you! I hope your day went as you hoped it would!! No matter, you are all rockstars in my world and always will be!

Peace out my friends!


  1. I bet you are the BEST volunteer ever!! I can just picture all those kiddies with big smiles on their faces -- what a great experience! :) :)

    About time you changed those cleats -- Hahahahahah!! What a difference! :) :)

    Good for you for doing those "crits." Did you eat grits afterward? Yeah, I know, I am soo funny... ;)

  2. Ha, you need to make a cleat investment - just have another pair, just in case. Dang, I think you got your money's worth!?

  3. hmmm. I just checked my clips. No red gup, and not beat up quite as much. So they can go for a few more years.

    Yay for the paving!!! It sure needed it.

    Yes, I admit it. You can burp with the best of them.

  4. I am so happy about the paving out at Horse Creek! I bet that subdivision would be awesome for a crit. Wonder what will happen to it now?

    Congratulations on another great week of training Susi!

  5. Hey Susi-thanks for the shout out.

    This post was hilarious on many fronts. Esp the gerbil in the brain part. I love that gerbil too!

    You are seeming very strong and ready for your race-you have a lot of hay in barn, as they say. You are so positive and committed-you will rock it next weekend!

  6. That you for the shout out. I thought of you A LOT during the race and trying to "stay present." It really helped b/c thoughts of the full would enter in and I'd have to remember that Sunday was all about the half. Thank you for all your advice.

    I can't believe the difference in your clip ins. Wow. The new ones are so....NEW!

    Sounds like you had a delightful weekend. So glad to hear it.

    Good luck this weekend!

  7. hey - your little gopher friends all high tailed it back to saskatchewan and unfortunatley the ones that are not currently breeding the hell out of eachother, are all splattered all over the road. Come and get the ones still breeding if you miss em... they are all yours baby!!