Friday, 19 June 2009

Pre Race Ramble...

Okeydokey, so I think I am ready. This morning was spent on last minute details such as getting a new wire for my bike computer because the speed wire was chewed up, getting a new timer for the bike because no one could fix the ringer of my old one and getting a gluten free goodie for after the race because I can't eat the cookies, should they have any, that they hand out. Done, done, done!

And as an extra special treat for this Fathers Day weekend, my dad bought me a new bike helmet! Ya, I know, he shouldn't be buying me things on his weekend, but apparantly when he left BC my mother gave him explicit orders to get me a new helmet once she learned that my helmet was 13 years old... Who knew you were supposed to get a new one every 3 years or so?? I insisted he didn't have to pay, but he insisted Moeder told him he did, so there ya have it. Or rather, there I have it a shiny, spiffy new helmet for the race (see photos below). Oh, and guess what?! It has carbon fibre in it! Makes the engineer in me all giddy I tell ya. Did I mention how much my parental unit ROCK??? Thank you many times over guys!

You'll note the helmet is not purple...stores around here are in short demand of purple helmets to fit adults heads the size of kids heads. Ah well...this one is AWESOME! I am positive I will go faster in the race because of it!

After our shopping spree we came home, ate some grub, then I set about setting things up for tomorrow. Got the new bike computer hooked up (thank you Dad for holding the bike up for me - one day I will buy a bike rack!), put on the new timer, and proceeded to pump up the tires.

I like to pump the tires up the day before the race because a) it's a pain in the arse to bring a pump to transition, 2) if the temp is cold in the morning yet warms up while you are swimming you may find yourself with a blown tube and c) i find the quality of tubes and tube valves severely lacking to the point of bursting after so many pump sessions. Why is that??? It's a huge pet peeve of mine. I inflate my tire a certain number of times then blammo! the valve detaches from the rubber and you lose all the air you just put in.

Guess what? It happened this time with the back tire. I was grateful for that because it happened today and not tomorrow so I had plenty of relaxed time to practicing my tire changing skills. I am getting faster with each time I might add! After all that excitment I cleaned up the bike a bit then headed upstairs to get the rest of my gear ready.

I carefully laid everything out in neat piles, checked my list, did a mental visualization of all parts of the day including getting to the lake and I think with all that done, I have everything. At least I sure hope I do becasue I'm not going over it again!

What's left? Uhm, a sushi dinner as my carb load....mmmm sushi.... Then some meditation, then visualization and a good nights sleep. In the morning when I wake up I expect to find Jenna on my coach as she's arriving some time during the night! I can't wait to see her!!

So, you may be wondering what my expectations are for tomorrow. Well, I've been wondering that myself. I know that I will have the same wonderfully positive, present, mindful day like I had at IMCDA last year. I've trained myself to do that. So I expect that I won't be bonking on the run from GI issues and lack of nutrition like the last three half IMs I've done, due to not taking in enough nutrition, due to panic, due to letting my mind run into the future! This will be a bonus.

Considering that I expect to be in fine mental form and well fueled, my next expectation is to push some mental and physical boundaries. I've been pretty conservative in my racing in the past (any more conservative and I'd likely not make the cut off times!) This time is different though. I've completed three half IMs and two IMs. I KNOW I can do the distance. Heck, I can do the distance when I'm so under fueled that I'm running with only one eye open because I'm seeing double the bonk is so bad! If I can do that, then I'm sure I can hop on board the pain train and giver! At least, that's my expectation.

As I think about the pain train I had to giggle to myself. I have been on the pain train many times, but not the good pain train. I've been on the pain train where your race plan went to crapola because you didn't listen to your body, or you thoughts leapt into the future, and you didn't take in enough fuel etc. I've gotten through all that and finished.

I want to hop onto the OTHER pain train. The one where your muscles are screaming but you are loving it because you know they can handle it. I want to get to the finish line knowing I left everthing I had on the course. Well then, I guess that is my expectation for the day then.

The nevousness I felt yesterday is gone. It's been replaced by my usual feeling of calm and inner peace. Tomorrow will be what it will be and I know I'll love it for all the little moments.

Think I'll go take a wee nap now.

Thanks to everyone for the support - I will be thinking of you while I'm out there!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Peace out my friends!


  1. GOOD LUCK SUSI!!!! THAT pain train is the best one to be hurts sooo good:)

  2. C'mon and ride the train, and ride it, woot, woot...that's all I can think about now.

    Kick some ass girlie and when it hurts or burns (not in the I gotta pee bad kinda way), just know that you're pushing maximum WATTS. Kill it, can't wait to hear.

  3. I wish you beautiful weather, a warm swim, smooth ride, and fast run. (I'd wish you luck but know that you don't need it).

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. Good luck Susi!!! Have a great race and kick some bootie!!

    The helmet rocks, what a sweet gift :-)

  5. I am on ur couch right now as I type on my touch- see ya soon!

  6. I hope you had a fantastic race Susi! Cannot wait to hear how it went.

    Sushi is one of my favorite night before dinners too. So good!

  7. I'm sure you rocked it. Can't wait to read the report. Love your new helmet toO!