Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bedazzled Helmut???

Boy I was glad I got out and did my mini hill training during the day on Thursday because it got rather grey out later on!

I did a quick warm up ride out Hwy 22 south and back, then mentally prepared myself to tackle the bonus hill several times. The goal was to climb it 11 times.

The task was easy, moderate and hard rides up the hill. The first one felt great, which was nice. The second one wasn't too bad as I rode in the gear that I considered 'hard' last time. For the 'hard' gear I took it up another notch. Alas this was a no go. I couldn't spin my legs enough and my cadence was under 50 rpm, which is a stressor on the knees.

So I geared up and told myself I had to push it. At least I thought I was pushing it until my friend Richelle flew by me up the hill after having just ridden 80km. Shite. I'm a slug. I was glad she went by though because I said to myself, 'Suse, you my dear have GOT to learn to get past this pain barrier. It's time to use what you've got and get used to hurting a little'.

So I did.

I kept pushing hard and trying to keep my cadence up. I felt pretty good about it although I was grimacing. By the 9th set I admit I thought of quitting. I am so not a quitter though so kept going with it. My legs were screaming at this point.

Along the way this couple was walking down the hill. I was nearly blinded by her bedazzled type visor. They commented that it looked like what I was doing was hard work. Bless them for noticing I was working hard! I saw them again for the next climb I did. It was cute because she said to keep going. The last time I saw them she was chanting 'left, right, left, right' to me.

I was welcome to the short distraction - I started thinking about bedazzling a skull on my cool would that be?! Soon enough though I got my head back into the game.

I managed to complete the 11 sets, although I was getting a wee bit bored by the end. One can only go up and down a hill so many times!

On Friday I set off for my run. This time I decided to be smart and drive to a flatter section to do my 'speed' work. Again my legs felt thrashed when I started out but I did my best to focus on my technique and being light on my feet. It seemed to work because I had a great run workout!

The pace was totally doable, I wasn't gasping for air last week, and my feet were turning over. Could this be a new comfortable pace for me?? Please let it be so!

I was very glad I didn't have a workout today because I woke up to see a four letter word all over my backyard....yup, it SNOWED here last night. Again I ask you - why do I live in Alberta???

Tomorrow Keith and I are hoping to ride the bike course of our June 20 race. I will be praying for warmer temperatures and little wind. Feel free to cross your fingers and toes for us!

Peace out my bedazzling friends!


  1. praying for nice weather and if you bedazzle, OMG. I am just not too sure bout that...

  2. The weather was shite and I want to move.

    BEDAZZLE!!!! That would be soooo cool!! :)

  3. Ha! I was just joking with my husband about bedazzled things. I would have loved to have seen that helmet!

    How did you even keep track of 11 times? Way to work through your pain threshold-you are a champ!

  4. You should totally bedazzle your helmet IF it didn't mess with the integrity of to protect the melon.

    Hill repeats - YOU are a stud.

    SNOW, WTF?!? No way sista.

  5. In the book I just read it has an appropriate quote for ironmen/ultrathoners: "Make friends with pain and you will never be alone". Andrew liked it. I'm ambivalent (for obvious reasons).

  6. What? Snow? I can't believe it.

  7. Snow in June. I have been there sister.

    So where is Cochrane Alberta anyway?