Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bring Me Your Body!!!

Finally!!! I received the official Ironman Canada volunteer email indicating where I will be stationed. When I applied to be a volunteer I selected my choice in the following order...

Bodymarking - a dangerous position to be in. There is the possibility that a lot of hot tri dudes would end up walking around with my phone number on their arm in place of their race number. Giggle, giggle. KIDDING!

Transition - I want to be there if you are excited, scared, or over the moon. Jenna was in transition last year and it was her kind words that snapped me back into reality of what needed to be done. I would be blessed if I could 'pay it forward'.

Sunscreen Application - all would be fun and games until the first hairy back came along. EEEEEK! You get to wear gloves with this job right?!

So what did I get?? The fools! They gave me BODYMARKING!!! Muahahahaaaaa!!

Actually I'm totally stoked. And no, it's not because I get to touch hot triathlete bodies!! (That'll just be a bonus.) It's because I get to be one of the first people the athletes get to see in what will be a most exciting day for them. If they are nervous, I will share my inner calm. If they are still sleepy, I will share my energy. If they are first timers, I will share my joy at their accomplishment of getting to the start line.

And if they are one of my first timer buddies, I promise I will do my best not to cry because of how proud I am of you. Actually, tears are forming in my eyes right now as I write this because I am so excited for you! (Let us remember, I am a pisces! We are sentimental people.) I will also send you off to the start line with all my love and blessings. Don't worry, I have a ton to share equally with each and everyone of you.

Of course, that will also be the case for my coach and great friend, Gregory, who will be attempting to secure a spot in the World Championships. Not to forget Julie, Darryl and David and all the others I will know who are Ironman veterans. Like I said, tons of love and blessings to go around! Oh, and let's not forget the hugs. Bear hugs all around!

So when you go to line up for bodymarking, make sure you look for the blond with braids wearing a cowboy hat on race morning. That'll be me ready, waiting, and happy to mark your bod!

Oh, the other exciting news around here is that the city will be host to Ironman Calgary 70.3 in 2009. Now if you are resident of this fine city, you no doubt have already heard this news via a gillion emails sent out the morning it was announced!

If you are not a resident of this area, I invite you to come out and participate! As it turns out the race starts in my neck of the woods so I am quite familiar with the course without having even done the race. The start is ten minutes west of me actually, which isn't exactly in the city. The race does end up in the city though!

The swim will be in Ghost Lake, which I should mention is glacier fed. You may want to double up your swim caps! I've also been told by a Fireman that there have been many a Fireman who has been spooked in the lake when practicing water rescues. Apparantly there is a good reason it's named 'Ghost' Lake. Hmmm.

The bike route starts out on one of my favourite routes, Grand Valley Road to Horse Creek Road! I swear I could do this course with my eyes closed!! The run will go partially around the Glenmore Resevoir. The section it goes through is absolutely beautiful. You will follow the pathway through the trees and along the Weaslehead. There is a killer hill to get out of the resevoir too, but nothing that anyone who has run in the Policeman's half couldn't handle!

Knowing the area/course as I do, I think they chose a really great route. It certainly will be challenging and flat would not be a word used to describe either the bike or run.

If any of my friends decide to participate in the inaugural race, my home is open to you if you want to stay somewhere close to the start. I would love to participate, but will be signing up for Ironman Canada 2009, which is just around the corner from Ironman Calgary 70.3. Too bad they are scheduled so close together. You can bet your bippy though that I will be volunteering and cheering instead though!

Peace out my friends and let your heart shine!


  1. I'm in!!!! I'm signing up for that race (if Keith doesn't take my spot, lol!)as well as IMC 2009 -- I am so excited for next year,what is the matter with me? LOL!

    I think you are going to have the longest line at the body-marking station. I know I'm going to be searching for you!!

    Thanks for volunteering, Susi -- and thanks for your beautiful, positive energy too!!! :) :) :)

  2. I'm still on the fence. I'm hoping to be in Australia that time next year!

    You with those braids! Your going to have the longest line of hot triathletes! Be sure to give them a smiley face instead of a 0!!!

  3. It's guys/gals such as yourself that will make IMC 2008 a race to remember. You def. have the right spirit. Wooo hooooo body marking, a relatively short job done early to give you plenty of time to rome around transition and find the best place to cheer(or flirt with guys) from. :)

    Thanks for volunteering!

  4. lol.... good job Susi!! Please do not forget your little firend and get some digits for me too!!