Monday, 14 July 2008


There was an amazing deal for twelve weeks of unlimited yoga classes at a place across from my work, so I decided to sign up! Today was the first day and let me tell you, it was well worth the money!

I swear in all the years I have been trying yoga off and on, I have never had such a brilliant workout. It was challenging but mostly doable and let me say my arse cheeks were a quivering when we were done. Wow, what a strength workout!

I went with my buddy from work Anne, who'd been a member there prior. She hadn't been to this particular class, but was game for it. The other class held at lunch was core class, but as I'm still feeling my core from my little medicine ball push up trick I decided a core class was not required. Didn't matter, my core got a heck of a workout in this class.

First off I'm happy to report that this class had wooden floors. YAY! No stinky sweaty disease ridden yoga carpet for this gal! Well, there was some carpet along the back, but I managed to literally squeeze in between a couple of gals so I didn't have to go near the carpet. This isn't a 'hot' yoga class, but nonetheless I was not taking chances.

It was obvious by the number of students that the instructor was good. I was to find out just how good...

We got to lay about for a bit, then it was straight into a sun salutation. As this is a basic yoga vinyasa, I was familiar with it. However, I had never done it where you go into plank, then upward dog without touching your lower bod to the ground. Oooh, feeling that!

There was also jumping! Jumping into downward dog, jumping into the plank, jumping to the front of your mat. It was brilliant!

At one point I got a wee bit lost as he was using terms like, surya-namaskar (sun salutation), vriksha-asana (tree pose), and trikona-asana (triangle posture), rather than the english terms. He'd call them out and I'd have to quickly look up to see what the others around me were doing. I wasn't sure I was getting my footing correct every time, but he was walking around checking so I figured I was ok to go.

There weren't any Darth Vaders in this class, but there were a ton of snorers! For some reason, whenever we went into downward dog, they'd start doing their heavy breathing that sounded like snoring. I kid you not!

The two girls I squeezed inbetween were both doing their 'snoring' in this pose. Thing was, they'd do it offset of each other. One would snore, the other would snore, one would snore, the other would snore. I swear, I had a flashback of the time I shared a hotel room with the parental unit and had to stuff socks into my winter cap to try to block out the dreaded noise!! (That didn't work I should add...) In other poses they didn't make the sound, thankfully. Lest I start to giggle and burst into laughter.

Some of the poses we did were just insane. There was one where, now I have to think a moment here to recall the exact contortion as I was unable to do it.... Okay, right, so you are sitting with your legs straight out in front of you. You bend one knee up so your right foot is near your bits, then you put your right arm underneath your knee so your elbow is bent under your bent knee. Still following me?? Then you slide your arm under more so basically the back of your knee is resting on your friggin shoulder! Wait, it gets even better. Then you straighten that arm, and with both arms you lift your body off the bloody mat!! THERE WERE PEOPLE THAT COULD DO THIS!!! To them I bow and say 'We're not worthy!!'.

I have no idea if I will ever be able to perform this move, as I am short and stalky girl. I have big legs and a good set of pipes. I just don't know how I can slide all this together. However, my instructor isn't long and lean like the majority of the class, who could do this pose, and he did it. So there must be hope for me. Whether or not I can accomplish this in twelve weeks is another story. I am so up for the challenge though!

The one thing I am quite proud of is that I have ninja princess balance. I like doing all the balancing poses for that very reason. I may not be able to contort myself and lift my body off the ground, but I can stand on one leg, stretch my other leg way out in back of me while stretching forward and not wobble in the slightest. So there! Take that all your contortionists who were wobbling!

Oh, I should note that this triathletes 'tighter than a cow's arse in fly season' body has absolutely no flexibility in her hamstrings or low back. This whole grab your big toe and stick your leg out in front of you thing?? Uh no. I promise to work on that though.

I think the only complaint about this class I have, which is very minor and will be overlooked, was when I was trying to 'be in the moment' at the beginning. Our instructor, Michael, kept talking about how we were to be in the now, quiet our minds, and leave our Monday's behind. This was what I was trying to do; however, his incessent talking made it darn near impossible for me to quiet my mind! Oh well, it was a very short moment, and the rest of the class my mind was clear of thought other than, 'Holy hannah how am I going to get into or out of this pose?! I wonder if they have medics on standby??'

For not being a 'hot' yoga class, I worked up quite the sweat. I had to call Anne a liar afterwards because she said she didn't sweat in it. She also had never taken Michaels class and was quite astounded by the workout!

As I mentioned at the beginning though, this was my type of yoga class. I loved the strength components, the jumping, the challenges that I face, and of course the sweat. It will be interesting indeed to see how I progress through the twelve weeks.

It looks like I've found another 'happy place' to add to my list!

Peace out my friends!


  1. Ahhh yoga! I miss those days! We call it "yogurt"-don't ask me why. Probly some kid we had couldn't say yoga or something.
    Have fun at "yogurt"!

  2. What an awesome workout -- I know that snoring/breathing thing you are talking about -- I forget the name of it but you are SUPPOSED to do it. My yoga instructor explained you get a better workout by breathing like that. I'm serious!!! :) :) :)

  3. From now on we must call it yogurt! LOL. I kinda figured the snoring/darth vader breathing was part of it...but still!! haha.

  4. When you come down, I can teach you how to snore, and you can teach me how to hoist my rear off my mountain bike seat!! LOL!!

  5. Yes, Julie's right the whole snoring thing is part of it. And is does have a fancy name.

    Are you going to Yoga Passage?

  6. Yup! I am just loving it there!!

    If I snore I may suck all the oxygen out of the room, haha.