Sunday, 20 July 2008

Where To Today?!?

We were a bit slow getting going this morning. The night before was 'Thunder in the Valley', which was a fireworks show. It didn't start till 11 pm, so before that we took the kids to the fair and pigged out on cotton candy. Mmmm.... I had had a craving for it since yesterday when I biked into town and saw the fair! It didn't take long for that craving to subside and I'm sure I won't need any for about a year with how much I ate! Needless to say it was rather late when we got back and I was hopped up on sugar!

The next morning, once we got the sleep out of our eyes and got some grub, it was time to head out. Julie was going out for a run with her buddy Stewart. Oh how I longed to run too, but they were going to run for two hours and I knew my legs weren't quite up to that yet. As I didn't want to miss out on any fun I borrowed Julie's, ever so skookum, mountain bike and went along for the ride!

The first bit of the ride/run was through a gravel road (what else would be expected really) that took you right through the Frank Slide. I hadn't been on a mountain bike in a while and so went up along some craggy bits just to test out the old skills...

The one thing that was new for me, on a mountain bike that is, was that I was clipped in. I'm super comfy on my tri bike with clips, but wasn't quite as cocky on the mountain bike when I was off the beaten path. That didn't stop me though! I tore through sections and pushed myself a bit. It was great fun swooshing through all the loose rock and bouncing along! Weeeee! I managed to stay upright through it all, which was a nice confidence booster.

Once we got through that bit it was all roadside riding through Hillhurst. At this point I wanted my tri bike! I must add that some of the houses in this wee town are so cute. Actually, all through the Pass there are cute old time homes. Julie's being one of them!

Julie and Stewart were doing awesome climbing the hills and such. IMC will be nothing for Julie! Me, I just pedalled alongside and put on my best Rocky coach voice every once in a while to yell at them to go faster. Heh heh. I also would zoom off and try to remember how to hop things. I managed to remember, but only got an inch off the ground. Boo.

This little ride has prompted me to do some work on my mountain bike so I can take it down there and do some real mountain biking! Charmaine and Julie have promised to take me into the mountains. Aaaaiyyyyeeeeee! I can't wait!

Once they'd finished their run, Julie showed us her favourite cooldown spot - a wee creek just before the walk home. It wasn't super hot out for me as I was riding; however it was hot for the runners. Julie got in and splashed some cold water on herself, then Stewart got right in, found a deep section and the middle and Fwoop! he was under! Julie and I both couldn't believe it.

I had daintly stepped in a bit, but the rocks were hurting my feet so I got out fairly quickly. That's when the gauntlet was dropped. Stewart basically triple dog dared me that I wouldn't go right in. Well now, I'm not one to back down on a triple dog dare!! Tender tootsies or no I was going in. Julie guided me over the slippery rocks (she had her shoes on) and it was 1-2-3 FWOOSH! I was under. Then I was very quickly up as the water was definately mountain spring fed. Brrrr!

Later on, after lunch, we went for a swim. I am so totally jealous of how many swimmable, clean lakes they have nearby! One forgets how enjoyable it is not to swim in a former slough where you find you have algae clinging to the sides of your mouth and funny smells hovering over the water. Ew.

Julies comment that there aren't many triathletes in the area was confirmed by the looks we got from the beach goers as we waded into the water wearing wetsuits. Too funny.

Our plan was to swim the width of the lake a few times.

Silly me didn't take enough time to make sure her wetsuit was on properly so by about mid lake I thought I was going to pass out due to the neck of my suit pressing against my jugular. I managed to get to the other side and put some water inside my suit to try and shimmy it up, but it didn't seem to want to cooperate. The next 3 laps were just as uncomfortable - good thing it wasn't a race day.

That said it was a gorgeous lake. Charmaine even got in for a swim sans wetsuit! Granted it was warm out and people were swimming in the lake with bathingsuits, but they weren't swimming across the middle where it was much deeper and therefore colder! By the time Charmaine got to the other side she looked like she had chicken skin she had so many goosepimples! Awesome job though!

Next time I go down there I will pester her for some tips on swimming. I have no idea how well Julie swam before, but I can say she's one heck of a swimmer now!

It was truly a glorious weekend and I had a blast. If you get the chance I highly recommend going down there, even if it's just to camp. There are many gorgeous places in the Pass to ride, hike and swim. I look forward to more adventures down there in the future!

Peace out my friends.


  1. You HAVE to come back and have some serious Charmaine-style boot camp!! You should see the stuff she has me doing now -- all what she calls "cross-training" for triathlon. Silly me, I thought triathlon in and of itself was cross-training! Nope!! LOL! Can you tell I am loving every minute of it??

  2. count me in for charmaine's boot camp!!