Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fresh Ink...

As the title would indicate, someone got another tattoo...and that someone would be me! What did I get? I got the word 'Believe' tattooed onto my wrist. Well now Suse, why did you go and get that?! I'm glad you asked...

One evening, just before Ironman Coeur d'Alene, I was sitting up in bed reading, as I'm apt to do. I honestly don't remember what it was that I had been reading, or what it was about, but what I do remember is I had shut my eyes to do some visualization and the words 'I believe in myself' popped into my head.

To some you may think, of course you believe in yourself! Until that moment though, I don't think I did. I was the kid who turned into the adult who really struggled with self confidence and self esteem. At that moment though I knew I really and truly with all my heart believed in myself. It was a HUGE moment for me.

From that time on I started to see the word 'Believe' everywhere. On shirts, on billboards, on church signs - everywhere. It took on a whole new meaning for me, in fact many meanings, for many reasons. I felt so strongly about that word that I wanted it permenantly etched on my body - and now it is.

When I see it I think of the following:
Believe in the present moment,
Believe in your spirituality and/or faith,
Believe in your family,
Believe in your friends,
Believe in a peace, love and granola world,
Believe in Mother Earth,
Believe in happiness,
Believe in all that is right in this world,
and last, but never least, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Here are some pictures of what it looks like. It should be noted that it's on the top of my right wrist, and ties into the Pisces symbol I had there already. A huge thank you to my ever creative tattoo artist, Deano (at Deadly Tattoos if you are looking for someone...) as he always knows how to make the concept I bring to him come to life in a beautiful way. (He also did the Pisces symbol, my maple leaf and Mdot tattoos.)

A note to the parental unit...this is why I couldn't, and still can't, promise you that I wasn't going to get any more tattoos. As you sit there, possibly rolling your eyes and letting out a big sigh, please remember that I love you guys tons and I totally respect your opinion on the whole tattoo thing. I really must add that I also love the fact that you raised me to make my own decisions, and that throughout my life you have always stood behind me and my decisions - even when you didn't always agree with them. Hopefully you are not regretting raising me that way at this point...because I think you did a brilliant job! Did I mention how awesome you guys are??
Peace out my wonderful friends and brilliant parents!


  1. Emotional and heart touching story
    If you want to know about self esteem view my site

  2. Cool tattoo Susi! He does beautiful work. I laughed when I read your note to your parents -- Hee-hee!!!

  3. Dear susi - i know the power of the word believe. In fact, when you get the IMC DVD I made of my day - you will understand.

    Dear Parental Unit: I have wine.

    Love ya!!

  4. Hi Susi,

    Beautiful tattoo and very meaningful. I want one too but I keep changing my mind about what I want!

    Loved your list of reasons too. :)