Friday, 5 September 2008

Tiggers "Kick That Cancer" Hoedown!!!

Hello my friends!

I have an invitation to a hoedown fundraiser for you! Why?? Well read on...

In August 2006, my friend and fellow triathlete, Terry “Tigger” Toma was diagnosed with breast cancer. She learned this just after she signed up for Ironman Canada 2007.

Most athletes training for such an event have to concern themselves with finding balance in life, family and the long hours of training. However, Terry also had the great challenge of undergoing a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatments during the months leading up to the event. This left her with less than half the time that most people require to train for such a race, coupled with the fact that her body was still healing from all the treatments.

In true “Tigger” spirit, Terry faced this challenge with a positive mental attitude and a fighting spirit. On August 26, 2007, Terry achieved her goal of becoming an Ironman. At the time, it also appeared that she completed the challenge of beating her cancer.

Unfortunately, almost a year later, the cancer has returned. This time it is attacking Terry’s lymphatic system and her liver. In true “Tigger” fashion, Terry sees this as another challenge to be faced and won. She has also set the goal of racing in Ironman Canada 2010.

In order to help her achieve her goals, in addition to easing the burden during this time, her friends decided to hold a silent auction in order to raise funds to purchase Terry a treadmill, as well as help financially.

It has been shown in studies that maintaining physical activity while undergoing chemotherapy has positive effects. The treadmill would allow Terry to walk whenever she has the strength in between treatments, as well as during the winter months.

The financial assistance would allow Terry to purchase the, sometimes expensive, supplements and organic foods that would best aid her body in this battle.

In addition to the dance, we will be putting up, via silent auction, a deluxe entry into the Great White North Triathlon Half Ironman, for all those interested in triathlon! The entry is currently up for bidding, and the auction will close on September 13. This is your chance to get an early entry into the race!! (It should be noted that a bid of $500 was placed this morning.)

Please see the information below for further information for further details!

Come kick up your heels for Terry!

An amazing silent auction, “toonie bar”, dancing and more!

Date: September 27th, 2008, 7:00 pm
Where: Frank Wills Memorial Hall, Cochrane, Alberta
Tickets: $5 (Tickets may be available at door, but we expect to pre-sell them.)

For more information, contact Richelle:
To donate items for the silent auction please contact Angie at

Just a few of the silent auction items we have thus far:
  • $300 bike fit from Luke Way
  • T3 Suunto watch and HR monitor
  • Deluxe Race Entry for Great White North Triathlon Please note: This item will be auctioned off via email. The auction will close Saturday, September 13th.
  • Pamper yourself basket
  • Deluxe picnic set
  • Massage
And much more!

Come to laugh, dance, have a cocktail or two, and buy some really great stuff to help our Tigger.

Terry’s words… “Screw the cancer. I have way too many things to do yet !!!!”

Peace out my beautiful friends!!!

PS I have some tickets too!!


  1. and you take cash donations..... or paypal?? I'm not kidding!!

  2. sure! every cent will go directly to tigger!!