Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Talk About Sluggish...

Yet another day following the plan. Yesterday was a rest day, which was kind of nice seeing as I only started the plan on Saturday! Today I was to run easy for 45 minutes. No problemo!! Right?!

Uh no.

I was very much looking forward to running tonight because it turned out to be a glorious afternoon. The frost this morning made me wonder if we were slipping quickly into, gasp, winter!

I headed out down the bonus hill and didn't feel too bad. As I turned onto the path into the ranch I felt a niggly in my Achilles of all places. What's up with that?! I'm starting to wonder if the fact that I wear my toe shoes all day every day is affecting my running because I am still in sneakers when I run. Hmmm. Something to ponder. Anyways, I had hoped it would go away and instead started to focus on my beautiful surroundings.

I saw some adorable teeny birds sitting on their birdhouses, listened to the rush of the creek meeting the river, and side stepped some bugs frantically trying to make their way across their path. (Yes, I actually avoid stepping on even the smallest bugs! It can make for an interesting run at times.) There were some truly glorious flower pots out there! I was really happy to see the flowers weren't hurt with the frost overnight. I even got to see some of my favourites, purple pansies!

I did a loop in the ranch and than ran into the next neighborhood. It was here that I admitted to myself that I was feeling rather sluggish. I have no idea why. One guess is that I haven't done this much running in a while? My calve and Achilles were still tight towards the end of the run. I still had to run up the bonus hill though.

I guess I could have walked up it...but honestly, even if I were in agonizing, bent-over crippling pain there is NO WAY I'd walk up the bonus hill. Why you ask? Cause there is too much traffic along that road and I know someone would see me walking! Can you say EGO?! Sad, I know. Then again, it does keep me honest with my training.

I made it through my 45 minute workout, but it wasn't pretty. My feet were slapping the pavement like they were made of lead. Ah well, I'm sure it will be better next run. The plan calls for a run tomorrow, but I'm going to bike instead. This body just can't handle running only!!

Peace out my triathlon loving friends!


  1. We'll make a good pair when I come up to see you this weekend...

    You'll be tuckered out from running, and I'll be tuckered out from walking down the stairs from the bedroom into the kitchen. How in the world are we going to stay awake?


  2. Jeez I'm slacking in the Susi blog reading. I had 3 posts to read today.

  3. I hate walking too. It is degrading!