Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Joy of Autumn Running?!?

For all those who don't believe that we are going through some sort of climate change, please explain to me why I was running in snow in late August, yet am running in 23C sunshine on the cusp of October?! Climate change is a myth eh....Riiiiight.

Who didn't want to be out tonight? Or today, if you are a lucky soul who isn't chained to a bowling alley type cubicle with no sunshine...

I was so tired when I got home but that wasn't going to stop me. I had to be outside. It was gorgeous out. Sunny, warm with ever so light a breeze. So I got home and quickly donned my new 'Legend Coaching' tri top and bounded out the door.

I wouldn't say I had a great run tonight, but at least I was running. That was a good thing considering my schedule of late. Some thoughts about the upcoming race were filtering through my mind as I started out. Thoughts like...
  • I've gained how much weight since IMCDA?! I hate carrying extra weight. Pout, pout.
  • This is going to be an experiment race...I will see just how well I can run with minimal training. No pressure.
  • I love the Victoria race route, especially when you run up the so-called 'hill' and they are playing the Chariots of Fire theme song and everyone starts to run in slow motion!
  • Oh to have the sweet scent of salt water as I run along the ocean.
  • I really have to let go of the fact that I did not train enough for this race! I don't have a time goal so what's the issue??
  • Please oh please let me run this with minimal pain...
  • You know, the parental unit have yet to comment on the fresh ink post, which means one of two things. One I will have to "expose" myself in Victoria and perhaps it will be an awkward trip, or two, they are doing what they taught me to do...don't say anything if you have nothing nice to say. Gulp...

Once those thoughts were out of my head I started to focus on my surroundings, how I was feeling and what was going on...

  • Hmm, what IS that rustling sound in the bushes along the pathway?? We don't have wild boars in Cochrane do we?? Crap! We do have cougars and foxes though...eep.
  • Damn I'm feeling sluggish tonight. At least it's sunny out, that should help me perk up.
  • I love the rustling of the leaves when the breeze blows by. Oh look, a wee leaf has detached itself from the mother tree and is slowly making it's delicate descent to the ground. Ahhh.
  • Ow, what's that tugging in my Achilles? Please do not let it detach! Or snap. Or anything. (Yes, this is how my imagination works...)
  • Holy hannah there are a lot of bugs flitting about. Mental note, do not step on any bugs walking along the pathway - it's bad karma!
  • What the?! Geez, how many teeny tiny bugs of flight can I provide transporation for?? Perhaps that's why I feel sluggish, all the extra weight of having to carry them. Do they not have wings?! Why must they attach themselves to me??
  • Cough, gack, hack! Ew, bug. Karma has to forgive me for that one - it wasn't my fault!
  • Wow, lots of bbq smell. Would be nice, but I don't eat things that make a noise. Fish don't make noise so they aren't on that list...mmm, bbq salmon would be good...
  • Man is it ever beautiful along here!
  • Okay, time to climb the bonus hill - think gazelle. Thing strong and powerful. Ugh.
  • Better cross the street so the drivers with sun in their eyes don't run me over. That would definitely leave a mark.
  • Oh great, the construction workers are still working on this side of the road, and now I have to run right beside them. That's it, head up, think perky, light steps, reduce heavy gasping breath to normal breathing, look straight ahead, don't think about the fact that arse is like jello, you can totally do this without tripping in front of them...
  • Only a little bit further and you can stop...but not till you are at the top!

I managed to make it home in one tired piece - still carrying some cling on bugs. They are now flying about my house as I couldn't kill them when I noticed they were still on me. Oh well, they can live happily with the moth, oversized fly and spider that also roam and fly around here cause I can't kill them either. Yup, just one big happy peace, love and granola bug family I have here...

Peace out my friends!


  1. Here's a question for you, is it bad karma cause you killed the fly? Or becuase you thought it would be? Or a bit of both?

  2. i didn't kill the fly. he is still happily buzzing around my house, somewhere. and the spider is likely roaming around here like the little black 8 legged stealh he is.

    yes, i think it would be bad karma to kill the fly. and it would really suck if i had to come back in my next life as a fly because of that! ew