Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tigger's Garden...

Yesterday afternoon I went out for a run with one of my best friends Esther (I also call her my big sister). It was a gorgeous day out - a little tease of what summer hopes to be like.

As we ran we savoured the warm sun and the scenery. I was even wearing shorts! I'm sure I blinded some small children and LOD's (little ol' dears) along the way with my luminescent pale white legs, but it was nice to be in shorts again.

Esther ,was also a friend of Tigger's, so we started talking about how we were both trying to get through the loss. Esther mentioned that the park where we, and Tiggers other friends, wanted to put a bench in her memory wasn't going to be ready for a few years. There was an article about that in the local paper. Huh. What should we do instead, if anything?

I'm not sure where the idea for the words that were to come out of my mouth originated...but I have an inkling. Out of the blue I said to Esther 'What about building a community garden in her memory?' There was silence for a moment. Then Esther told me she loved the idea!

As we made our way home we brainstored ideas for the garden and what we would have to think about. I can honestly say it was the first time since before Tigger's cancer started to win, that my heart felt light. Esther was even doing a little Tigger leap as she ran because she was so excited - I, of course, joined in with the leaping.

We have many ideas and have already gotten word out to some of Tiggers friends to see who would be interested. So far there are five of us that are willing to take on this task. I really have no idea how to go about building a community garden, but I know it will get done. The how's will work themselves out eventually.

Tigger had an amazing garden with a variety of beautiful flowers. Her sunflowers were at least 6 feet tall! I imagine the community garden as one that parents can bring their kids and help them plant flowers or veggies and watch them grow. It will be a place where those that are less fortunate than us can also grow food to help feed their families. We are going to start small and work with some of the local community groups. I think Tigger would approve.

Now...as for how this idea was created... I belive that a seed was planted by some of the comments, ideas and stories left on my blog. I also believe that the seed grew because of the love, caring and concern that was expressed. A collective conscious of sorts. How brilliant is THAT?!

I feel like perhaps I have finally started the healing process, rather than continually fighting the tears. The weight that has been pressing on my chest and making it hard to breath has lifted a little. I now have a project that will not only honour my incredible friend, but will also give me a way to channel my grief. I'm sure I'll have more teary days ahead, but perhas they will be lessened.

Thank you all so much for the incredible gift you have given me and my friends. That sentance seems too simple, but belive me my heart is bursting for you all right now as I write it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Peace out my wonderful, glorious, brilliant friends!


  1. :) ah.... and the clouds parted and the sun shone through and just then, you saw her smile.

    Great idea!

  2. Do not lose your momentum or contact with her other friends. Do it NOW...or as soon as you can get to planting. You don't want life to get in the way of your plans! Sounds like a great idea.

  3. Your post gave me goose bumps. What an awesome idea and way to keep her memory alive. Maybe you can even have a plaque with her picture on it? I can't wait to read how this develops. I'm also glad the heavy feeling left your chest...you are on your way!!!!

  4. excellent idea susi....the beauty of her spirit will shine through all the flowers and plants!!

  5. I can feel the sunshine radiating out from your post, Susi!!! I am so happy for you -- I have a big smile on my face right now!

    What a wonderful idea, and the fact that both of you started "Tigger leaping" is a sure sign you've stumbled upon a fantastic idea. :): )

  6. Sue how about engaging the city since you know a councillor maybe you can get a piece of land to have a community garden. Sounds like fun. Keep up the spirit. Luv Moeder.