Wednesday, 1 April 2009

For Pete's Sake!!!

Apparantly turning 39 years of age is a bad thing for the body. I swear I have never had so many friggin issues at one time!

Okay, the hip thing started in my 20's, but then my low back goes and now it's my shoulder. This is CRAZY!!!!
On a positive note, my hip is feeling better, and my low back isn't as bad. That may actually be residual stuff from a car accident years ago. Who knows. My shoulder though? Sigh. And the silly part about the shoulder is it hurts because I did the simple thing of sleeping on it wrong? My youth is gone and with it went my ability to sleep on a body part wrong and recover from it quickly. Seriously.
Even though it is rather painful to lift my arm I decided to try and swim this morning. I had to do something. I thought maybe an easy swim would kind of work it gently so things would get better.

It actually didn't hurt too much to swim. I couldn't do bilateral breathing though because if I looked left it twisted my shoulder so it hurt. So instead I would do four strokes and breath on the right. It was a good test to see if I was using my back for the pull too, which I was. No pain there.

So I had a nice relaxing swim. At the end of my swim I decided to do some kicking. Holding my arm out forward with the kickboard was out of the question so I flipped over on my back ala Otter style and swam that way. I have to say it was such a peaceful feeling! The water felt warm and blanket like. The only sounds were some gentle kicking noises from under water and the faint sounds of Neil Young from the radio. Ahhh. Made me not want to get out of the pool to be honest.

Yesterday morning I had a great session on the bike. It was only an hour but I felt strong and like I was actually doing something. This was a boost I needed considering how I've felt the last while.

So even with the hip, back and shoulder issue I refuse to let it get to me. As the t-shirt proclaims, 'Shit Happens!'. I keep reminding myself every day that I'm blessed to be healthy and be able to do the things I do. If I have a niggly now and then, oh well. Suck it up Princess!

Oh, I almost forgot! The toe nail finally let go. I was trimming my nails the other day and bwoop. It was off. It's kind of weird though because there is alike this sub nail layer under there that is kinda hard...not sure what it is. For your visual enjoyment I present Exhibit A and B. Hmm, I almost feel like I have gone through some triathlon rite of passage or something...
Peace out my glorious friends!


  1. You did NOT just post a picture of your toe nail??!!! WTF...

  2. At least the photo wasn't taken of the toenail floating in a pool, with people swimming nearby....

    (in case you were wondering, I'm a big believer in the saying, "it could always be worse."

  3. Moeder says what a nice shade of blue. Get bed checked for fungus;
    what are those daek specks???

  4. OH, you can totally paint that nub! No one will know but you, done it 100 times.

  5. O
    OUCH! I'm sure it didn't hurt when it fell off but it made me cringe for you. LOL about Missy's comment.

    I hope your shoulder, butt and whatever else feel better soon!

  6. Luckily, you are almost in your 40's. I found once I hit 40, my body started doing much better. It's been all good since.