Monday, 30 March 2009

The Troll...

Urgh. That about sums up how I'm feeling these days. There is some seriously sad stuff going on in my life and I think it is now affecting my body. Funny how the mind/body/spirit all connects eh?!

I decided not to workout this weekend and instead concentrate on my hip/glutes and the strength exercises. I thought that perhaps it would be good to give it time to heal. My payment for this non activity? My low back seized up on me. Sigh. Urgh. Mumble grumble.

It happened on Sunday. Not sure how, it just did. I stood up and went 'OW! What the ...' I've had this before, but not for quite some time. Likely it's residual from car accident many moons ago. Perhaps it was aggravated by all the compensation for glutes going on. Or perhaps it's just my body's way of saying, 'I understand you are under some emotional stress right now so I am going to remind you how it's all connected to your body'. Who knows.

I was going to swim this morning, but tried to get up and went 'Urgh'. Or maybe that was a 'Ugh'. Either way I didn't think I could swim. For some reason I still held the delusion that I would run this afternoon though. My mind works in very strange ways...

Good thing I had an appointment to see my trusted physiotherapist, Janice, first thing this morning. At this point I was walking like a troll. Or a very very very elderly gentleman. I had my pelvic tilt going, but it was rather pronounced. I was also bent over a bit at a rather unnatural angle. I just needed some really big pants pulled up over my belly or lederhosen and a hat with a feather in it to top off the look.

After much manipulation and cobras things finally loosened up a bit. I have to keep doing, what is essentially, cobra pose every couple of hours. Also, no running till it eases up. I do have some fun homework though!!! I was told walking would be great and if I could find something to hang off, in order to stretch my spine out, that would be even better.

Anyone got a chandelier I could borrow??

So this afternoon I'm going to meet up with my buddy Esther and we are going to walk around looking for the monkey bars in the local parks. I love the monkey bars!! I wish all homework could be this fun!! Hmm, maybe I'll attempt a chin up. Just one. Just to see if I can...

Oh, I should be good to go on the bike because of the way my bike lies, so I hope to get in a bike workout tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Peace out my friends!


  1. Moeder says deep breathing slowly in and out works. Meditation right noe might help. Hope you find the monkey bars;but no pushing kinders to use it. Lets see if I can use my influence and get spring over there***BC is 3 weeks behind**CHERRY BLOSSOM festival**36,000 trees will explode with colour next week and in two weeks.

  2. I've walked like that, and know how it feels. Take things a little at a time till you get everything all working together again.

    If you can't find monkey bars, you can come over and hang from the one in my basement.

  3. "Anyone have a chandelier I can borrow?" So funny, unfortunately I don't have a chandelier. :( I hope you found those monkey bars...and did a chin up.