Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Now just because I haven't posted, does not mean that I haven't been training! I had half of the parental unit (my Moeder) visiting here along with her sister, my Auntie Joan. They were here to check out the Briar - men's curling for those who don't live in the Great White North. To be honest, I just learned what the Brier was when I found out they were visiting...

Anyways, I've been busy with the old swim/bike/run program these past few days and have made some fun or interesting observations...

  • I kind of missed swimming with the Side Stroker last Wednesday...she keeps things interesting even though it may result in cracked ribs and her near drowing...
  • Some days you just need to swim laps and not worry about drills or intervals etc.
  • The Lifeguard Nazi has it in for me. I am leary of her now that she has quizzed me about what type of pass I bought and did I use the puncher to punch the pass etc. etc. The good thing is if she's watching me like a hawk, the odds of my drowning have been reduced!
  • My heart rate on the bike is coming down when I do my Lance intervals (so cool!), but my legs don't seem to be able to pedal any faster, hmmmm. I'm still getting stronger though and feel that calls for a HOOYAH!
  • Apparantly a 3 minute recovery is not enough when doing a 12 minute steady interval. I actually figured this out when it took everything in me to finish my sets...however it's always good to be told that so that you don't do something silly like that again.
  • I have a half marathon coming up and yet I can't run for more than 45 minutes without some hip pain...this could be an interesting race. The extra time I'm spending on the bike to make up for not being able to run long though is totally going to pay off for Ironman. Money in the bank baby!
  • My mom is an excellent person to ask to watch my posture. She made sure that my arms and back were in a good position while I was on the trainer..perhaps a little too much. 'You aren't back enough. Your shoulders need to be forward more. Either move back or forward because you don't have good position.' This all while I was gasping for air...I loved it.
  • To the dude at Talisman...the shaved head and partial sleeve tattoo were tres cool...the high cut speedo was completely uncalled for and a major tragedy. It's been two days and I'm still disappointed. Please, don't ever wear that again in public. We beg you. And if you are German or French that's still not a good enough excuse.
  • Greg didn't believe me that if he wore a high cut speedo that he'd swim faster. This is actually a good thing.
  • Darryl and Greg make tsunami waves when they swim in line with each other. Swimming beside the tsunami is good practice for races!
  • There is far too much hair not attached to the human body in the Talisman showers. Seriously folks....it's called a hose. Turn it on and flush those hairballs down the drain at least once a day! Gag. Hack. Spew.
  • Although there is a vast quanitity of hair, gack, in the showers, thankfully it's not in the pool. However, there was a tissue that was dangerously close to being washed into the pool. Seriously people, a tissue? WTF.
  • I think I provide entertainment for my neighbors when running especially with ponytail braids swinging, skull and crossbone buff with my flourescent neon yellow jacket on, all while singing 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' at a fairly loud decible level. Yes, I kept on singing even though I knew people could hear me. They had the option of covering their ears if they had to...
  • There are some days I hate the wind around here...and the number of hills in my neighborhood. That said, come race day I love the wind around here and the number of hills in my neighborhood...it's all part of being a five-foot-two-of-fury-ninja-princess-she-ra-mighty-triathlete.

I love this sport.

Peace out my friends.


  1. You know, if we could hook your brain directly to a twitter account, in no time at all you'd be the Queen of the twit-osphere, or whatever it's called. And if you could monetize those twits, you'd never have to work again.

  2. lol...keith said it all.
    high cut speedo....yak.

  3. Great post-so many gems among your thoughts.

    Congrats on getting the HR down on the bike but sorry about the hip pain. Your mom is nice to keep your posture in check but I think all moms secretly get a lot of satisfaction out of telling us to stand up straight, whether prompted or not.

    LOL at the German/French Speedo perpetrator.

  4. MOEDER AND UNCLE JOANenjoyed our stay with the minimalist. Between us we lost 10 lbs. Must be Susi's healthy cooking. We want to stay and continue our weight loss..frightened yet dear? Our stay at the airport when we found it was fab. Joan slept on my side & I on hers. Loved your blog what is wrong with SPEEDOS ON LOVELY DEVELOPED SWIMMER BODIES?

  5. Hair and bandaids I can handle -- but a tissue that close to the edge of the pool -- THAT sends shivers down my spine!! ACK!!!

    High cut speedos? Nice.


  6. Sorry ladies I fully support tall, lean tattooed men in speedo's. yum

  7. There are so many geezers at FOMC. They all wear baggy parachute shorts. In a few cases you can tell what colour they used to be. It's not that parachute shorts are worse than high cut speedo's, it's just that they float up.

    I am thinking maybe when it comes time to renew my pool membership I'm going to have to bite the bullet and swim with the big boys at Talisman. The scenery has to be better, even at the risk of a high cut speedo.

  8. Ha ha...I agree about Greg and Darryl, there are some mega waves going on when swimming with them :)

  9. Very funny list. I love how you made the bullet points little flowers. So neat!