Monday, 2 March 2009

Cross-eyed Swim...

I'm pretty sure I drove to the pool cross-eyed this morning. That's how tired I was. I am just not getting a good nights sleep, many nights in a row. Sigh... At least my pal Andrew didn't notice my state as we drove to the pool. I mean, he wasn't gripping white knuckled onto the dash or anything, so I'm sure I was driving properly?

As I walked onto the pool deck I took note of the lanes and how many people were in each. Four of the lanes had two people in them The far lane had only one person...the Side Stroker. Sigh. As I walked to the far lane Andrew, who was standing in the pool, gave me that knowing look. The one that says, 'Heh, Suckaaa! You gotta swim in THAT lane.' That's ok, I could handle the Side Stroker. I just know to squeeze my ribs in as she goes by so I don't get schwacked by a foot when she switches over to breast stroke.

My cross-eyed state stayed with me for my entire swim warm up. I was slower than a sloth fish, should such a fish exist. I was really wondering how I was going to get through my workout.

Funny thing the very end of my warm up I was slow, but then when I got to the main set and I needed to pick up the pace, I did. I have no idea how I did it, but I somehow managed to get into a groove when I needed to. It was pretty cool to be honest.

So even though it was slow going I ended up having a good swim and as a bonus I didn't get a kick to the ribs from my lane mate - seeing as how she likes to swim right down the middle of the lane and doesn't understand the concept of going counterclockwise....but I digress. She is out of there by 6:30 anyways so it's a short lived minor annoyance that I had to endure.

There was another fellow, somewhat elderly, that joined my lane a little later on. He was quite a bit slower than I was, but was kind enough to follow the counterclockwise rule AND he'd let me go by and the pool end. I thought that was super sweet.

I also managed to get in a much needed run in the evening. I was visiting a friend in the hospital so decided to bring my gear and run down by the river in town. It was a short run, just a half hour, but it was really nice out so I enjoyed myself. My hip started to pain me at about 20 minutes. Kind of a bummer, but at least it doesn't hurt when I'm not running, like it was last week. This is a good thing. I think I'll forgo my long run on Wednesday evening and just insert another bike ride instead. It's all good.

Peace out my friends!


  1. What my quizical mind would like to inquire about is to what you are doing instead of sleeping???? Come on Suzi what is keeping you up at nights?????

  2. yeah actually - Charlie has a good question.... and you work from home in your damn pj's so technically you can nap whenever you need to.....

  3. MOEDER says kitty must stay out of bedroom.

    Spring clean even if there is snow;air out room--open window;close door.

    Cringely has to respect your allergies. good luck

  4. LOL, the return of the sidestroker. Your swimming experiences could be Seinfeld episodes but you have a really good attitude about all those annoyances. And amen to the person who adhered to proper pool etiquette!