Monday, 23 March 2009

Running Meditation...

Every hear of walking meditation? Well I decided my last run would be running meditation. In other words, a run where I was very mindful about each foot fall in addition to all the sounds around me.

Of course this run took place before we got the mega inches of snow...don't even get me started on that. I've had enough - and I'm a xcountry skier!

I decided to run down to the river and check out the pathway there. Up to that point we'd had a lot of sun so I was hoping the paths wouldn't be icy. It turned out the path was a mix of slush, ice and mud, which made for a lot of fun and a lot of stabilizer work!

It was a truly gorgeous day out. I loved hearing the crunch of the snow under my feet (only because it was melting!)

In the moments I managed to tune out the random needless thoughts in my brain I was blessed with an orchestra of nature. There was the crispy dried leaf blowing across the paved section that made a dragging noise, or the birds chirping back and forth to each other. As I ran along the riverbank I could hear the roar of the river as it rushed past all the ice and snow along the river's edge. It was this sound that made me stop running and just stand and listen to the water go by. There is something so peaceful about that sound...unfortunately it's also a sound that makes one have to go pee!

As I left the riverbank I was serenaded by four Canadian Geese who wanted to make sure I knew they were there! No wee goslings yet...but I have a feeling the geese were checking out the perfect nesting area.

Being mindful about my run was made easier with the snow and ice. I had to watch every step I took to make sure I didn't slip or twist my ankle. It sounds like work, but actually it made the run more fun. I had to cross a couple of creeks and hop over ice patchs and gloosh through the mud. It's times like these that make me feel very kid like. Who doesn't love that?!

The run wasn't a long one, just over an hour, but I had a great time and was glad to be outdoors.

Here's to hoping this latest dump of snow melts so I can get back out there and repeat the last run!

Peace out my friends!


  1. I will cheers to the snow melting for you. Except I think it's on its way here so that might mean you just got some? I'm not sure but happy thoughts that this is the last snowfall.

  2. The snow just melted here and all I can say is Hallelujah! Of course, that means a whole winter's worth of dog poop is now melting as well...

    Ahhhhh!! The earthy smells of spring! Hahahahahahahahaha!