Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Lance Wannabe...

Before anyone says anything, I am fully aware that I am as far off of being like Lance as the Octuplet mom is to being Angelina Jolie. Or something like that. However, that doesn't mean I can't try and learn from the man and attempt to channel his abilities when I'm riding my bike, outside or on the trainer.

That disclosure done with, I tried to be Lance this morning...

I had recently read an article that stated that Lance trains 365/7/24. Wow. The interesting part was that he spends the majority of that time in an aerobic zone, pedaling over 90 rpm in a big gear. At least I thought that was interesting, others may not. Next thing you know, I set about trying to figure out my heart rate zones.

I've had two VO2 max tests done and neither worked. Boo. So I used a couple methods that my buddy Shannon recommended and I think I have a good idea of where I should be.

This morning I headed down to the dungeon to do my bike workout. I didn't really have anything planned, so I decided I'd try to do some sets where I'd hold my heart rate in zone two, keep my cadence between 80-90 rpm and be in a big gear ala Lance style.

I had a short warm up and then started in. The first set was 10 minutes. By the end of it there was a rather large pool of sweat. I'm so thankful the dungeon is cool or else I'd likely evaporate completely! There would just be my shorts, tri top and shoes left. Eep.

I pedaled steady for five minutes as a rest then started the next 10 minute set. I looked at the time and knew I wanted to do a 45 minute workout (short one today) so then thought maybe I should extend this to a 15 minute set so the timing would work? I was working pretty hard at that point, yet keeping my heart rate in the zone, and thought, no, I don't think I can.

Then a funny thing happened...I got to the 10 minute mark and thought, yes I can do 15 minutes!! At one point I checked my heart rate and noticed it was higher. I looked down and noticed my speed had increased too. Well would ya look at that! Here I didn't think I could do 15 minutes and I'm having to dial it back a bit to get back in my zone cause I am rocking this work out!

Hello Lance!

I gave a little hooyah! at the end of the workout. Granted it wasn't a long workout, but hey, we have to celebrate the baby steps just as much as the big kahuna achievements. As I am going to do a bike workout in place of running tomorrow, I think I will continue with my quest for Lanceness and do more intervals like this. I may need a wet vac to clean up the sweat!

Peace out my wonderful fellow Lance-like friends!


  1. That is awesome, congrats!!!! We all have a bit of Lance in us (or so I hope)! What a great surprise that you exceeded your goal!

    PS- I am so sick of the Angelina wanna-be Octo mom!

  2. Great workout. Isn't it great when you start what you think is going to be a challenge, and it turns out to be totally do-able?

  3. Moeder here..happy to see you keeping blogging..I guess I looked at Goat Creek pics four times. THELMA SAYS NEAT PICS.
    Auntie Joan reading along with me and enjoying.

    Jim Lawrence you.ve aged him
    your energy fab.