Friday, 27 March 2009

Exactly How Long IS That Thing...

Thankfully this week has been a recovery week - I don't feel so bad about slacking on my workouts. I really want to give my hip/glutes some healing time and I just wanted to focus on the strength exercises.

I did manage to get out for a short run with my nesan, Esther, yesterday. We had received some very sad news and felt that a trip along the river would be the best place to run and chat and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The run itself wasn't too great, my hip was bugging me and really started to hurt at about the 50 minute mark. However, just being out there with my friend and stopping to pet all the puppies in the dog park made the pain worthwhile and lifted my spirits.

Today I had an appointment to see my AMAZING accupuncturist and TCM gal today, Val. I updated her on Janice's findings about me arse being broken. Although concerned, she had a good chuckle. I also said, I think you are going to have to stick some needles in my bandokadonk. Eep.

So there I lay, buttocks slightly exposed as she slowly inserted the needles. Note that needles is in the plural...there were many. Holy hannah - there were some spots that actually recreated the pain I felt in my hip. Gulp. Many deep meditating breathes were taken as she inserted the needles.

At one point she commented that my muscles felt as if they had atrophied. WHAT?! Exactly how does this happen when all I've done for the last 3 years is run and bike?? Well, swim too, but you get the picture. She wasn't sure how either but said my hamstrings were taking the brunt of it when it came to compensation. She asked me if I could do lunges and squats. I mentioned that I pull my hamstrings within the first two lunges, for which she was not surprised.

As she was sticking the needles in my chubby butt matter, an image popped into my mind...

I told Val and we had a good giggle over that one. She mentioned her mom used to have a pin cushion that had wee little chinese figures around it and that as kids, her and her siblings would stick pins in the figures heads. I said that was just forshadowing for her becoming an accpuncturist!

I got up the nerve to ask just how long the needles were that she was sticking in cause it seemed like she was twisting them in there for quite some time. Turns out they were 3 inches long. Yup, this baby got back. It's just broken at the moment...

I've been told I need to come back next week. She also mentioned my booty may feel a bit heavy today... Hmmmm...

The good news is that I was able to do that exercise of lifting my leg up! I got the left leg up about an inch and the right one about a millimeter. Which is WAY better than on Monday. Yay! Things are working!

Peace out my lovely friends!


  1. Great image! Glad you're making progress. An atrophied butt? Whodathunkit?

  2. Moeder loved the pin cushion;had one in sewing as a teen. Well ying and yang--you will get the ebb & flow--ever think in a past life you were Asian?? Glad to see you are being well cared for. Sayonara peanut.

  3. LOL at the pin cushion and the badonkadonk and this baby's got back. You are funny!

    Two words: Trigger Point. Immediately. It will save you money in the long run. And buttache too.

    Hope you continue to work it out!

    Your run along the river sounds nice.

  4. So glad you could do the exercises! Every inch is improvement. I am so curious about acupuncture. You and Jenna both.

    Hope it kept improving through the weekend.....