Sunday, 8 March 2009

I Screwed Up...

You'd think I would know better by now considering this will be my third Ironman training season. I know that in order to keep up the workouts one must fuel ones body properly. Lots of whole foods and often.

Yesterday and once last week I did not do this and hence I did not have the stellar workout I had hoped for the following day.

I guess you can already tell that today's bike workout didn't go as planned. I'm mega bummed about it, but I guess that I needed to be mega bummed so I would smarten up and not be so stupid again.

I spent most of yesterday toodling around Canmore and Banff. I did have a great lunch at at skookum little cafe in Canmore - all yummy stuff like tofu, veggies, and brown rice. But then in the evening I was a bit rushed and didn't eat anything else of value. I braved a sudden snowstorm to go to a friends who was having people over. My plan was to have dinner before I arrived, but cause of all the driving from the mountains etc etc, all I did was stop at a store and pick up some Doritos.

Needless to say my meal that night consisted of Chili Doritos, a couple pieces of Almond Roca and some strawberries. At least the strawberries were good. I think my stomach is still churning over the Doritos I might add. Ugh.

I paid for it. I felt sick most of the night cause of the Doritos. Even though I had a good meal today before hopping on the bike, I wasn't able to maintain any energy after about the hour mark. I stayed on and tried to push it until the 1:30 mark. I was 45 minutes short of my workout time and thoroughly disappointed.

I did get a few good Lance intervals, but it was definitely not my finest moment.

Oh well. This is how we get better. We make mistake, we learn a bit, hopefully we don't have to make mistake too many more times, then we really learn, then we improve.

Onward and upward!!

Peace out my friends.


  1. I came *that* close to buying a green garbage sized bag of Doritos when picking up movies the other night. But then, a very chubby girl (and I'm being charitable here) wandered by on the way to the checkout. Her pants and top both stopped much too soon, with much too much of a gap between them, and way too much convex skin bulging out. Not an attractive look. I put the bag of Doritos down. Saved from myself. Whew!

    Bummer about the ride being shortened, but better a training ride in your basement being the reminder experience, than a training ride outside, or worst of all, an expensive race day.


    We allknow to forgive is devine..weater in BC is RAW. Watched wee mixed ones play soccer and even bundled I froze grateful I only watched second half 20 mins. Some kinders played the whole game!!!

  3. Hey Susi!

    Don't worry about the food, we all do it and then go "oh yeah" afterwards!

    I haven't even given a single thought to getting shots and stuff for mexico....hmmm...not too sure...i will think about it:):):)

  4. LOL -- Keith has such a way with words. :) :)

    Frig -- the next time I want a bag of Doritos, I'm going to think of Keith's description...LOL!!!!

  5. Well, I'm impressed it only took some doritos to make you feel like that. You sound like a super healthy eater.

    LOL about Keith's post though. I'm with Jenna. I'll think twice next time!

    Way to get on the bike regardless of it went as planned. You still got some of the workout in!

  6. (I meant I'm with Julie) :)