Sunday, 1 March 2009

Goat Creek...

What a glorious day for a xcountry ski day!! I headed out to Canmore to meet up with Trudy and her two buddies, Ken and Lori. Today's adventure was to ski Goat Creek Trail which is approximately 19 km long. It takes you from Canmore to Banff. I've always wanted to ski or mountain bike this trail so I was super stoked to go.
The ski itself was amazing. I felt really strong for a good portion of it and finally got a groove going. My heart rate was good the whole time - yes I took my heart rate monitor. Even if this is fun, it's still part of my training!

Trudy had mentioned the trail is all downhill. Here's the thing with that statement. I live in the foothills and was going to be skiing in the Rocky Mountains. There is no ALL DOWNHILL in xcountry skiing in the mountains people!! So now when I am told that I take it with a grain of salt.

Granted about 90% of this trail is either flat or on the downgrade, but there are some good climbs to 'run' up and get the heart rate flying. I had some issues when the sun was shining on some of the hills. My skis became as slick as snot and would slip rapidly and violently behind me. This made for two very stretched hip flexors. I'm sure that will be a good thing in the long run though.

On one of the downhills I had to bail. I had some good speed but then noticed a bridge that I had to go over...that was on a corner. Shite! I dug in but couldn't slow down enough to feel comfortable maneuvering my way onto the 45 degree corner bridge, so went into a snow pile. This is a trick my mom taught me as a wee one and I'm happy to report it still works. It was a controlled fall...
I got up and was slow enough to manage the bridge. After we had gone over Trudy mentioned that she usually has to walk down that section as it's tricky, especially if there is ice. I see... Okay, I don't feel so bad about the controlled fall then!

The trip took us about 2:40 hours, which included stopping for pictures and gathering the group together. It didn't feel that long though. I was having an amazing time out there. One of the highlights was coming along the path, having the trees open up and seeing the Banff Springs Hotel. I LOVE this hotel. It instantly reminds me of another time, the 1920s. I love walking around inside looking at all the antiques. It's breathtaking. I have even been blessed enough to have stayed in it once! There is just so much history to this hotel and it is so beautiful! Sigh....
So that was the end of our ski, into the parking lot of the golf course that backed onto the hotel.
I think the statement that summed up today's activities....'My heart now sings'.

Peace out my brilliant friends - oh and enjoy the photos below that capture the day!

The group from left to right, Lori, Ken and Trudy.

Tucked in the bottom right corner is the Banff Springs Hotel in the distance.

Now the black & whites as I am and always will be an Ansel Adams wannabe...

The beautiful Banff Springs Hotel.


  1. Nice! Good thing you got the trip in. Spring is coming soon. Any month now. Right?

  2. Moeder says its nice to know you actually listened to what I said. Lovely pics kiddo

  3. Hi Susi!

    I saw you read Steve's race report on Cozumel too... jellyfish... yikes!

    I have heard about cats eating tinsel, so glad we didn't have any on our tree this year, who knows what would have happend!!!

  4. You have turned into a cross-country diva! Beautiful pics --I keep meaning to take my camera with me during my Friday snowshoe, but I always forget. At least I'm consistent, eh? Hee-hee!!

  5. Awesome pics....I want to take up residence in that hotel! Wow. What a fun trip!