Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nooo Kitty!!!

I was going to do a lower body strength workout today to try and do something with this rather bothersome hip. Then my friend Keith said the magic word 'yoga'. Right! I have a yoga DVD with the ever so handy P90X set that I got!

So after work I got all set up. I put the DVD in and while the boring warnings and threats of pain if I should want to copy the DVDs scrolled across the screen, I moved my coffee table and set my mat up.

I thought I heard a wee bell sound off in the distance...I chose to ignore it. Finally we started. Ah yes, mountain pose. Standing straight and tall. Hands in prayer position. Eyes closed. Deeeep breath.

Wait, what's that...

Ah, the source of the bell was now positioned at my feet. I opened my eyes and looked down to find my furry feline Mr. Cringely. He was stretched out lengthwise on the mat with part of his body on my toes. Hmmm, this certianly would not do. I picked him up and put him on the couch, then continued my breathing.

Deep breath in...folding over...straight back....hands to kitty!!! He was on the mat again, this time drooling and rubbing his face on my hands. Ick. So I picked him up and put him on the couch, again.

Closing eyes, touching ground, step or hop back into plank position, chattaranga, upward dog, breathing in, downward dog.... NO KITTY! He was back. This time headbutting me as I was positioned in downward dog.

Somehow I was not finding the peace one would find during a yoga session. Of course, I was laughing through all this because I couldn't believe his persistance. Why I couldn't believe it is unknown as he's always been a persistant kitty! I mean, that's all part of being a cat right??

Finally I got him to lie on a blanket I put down beside the mat. I figured he may have just wanted to join in all the bendy fun.

Things went well for a while, until I was positioned in a triangle pose and he walked underneath my side. I pushed him through and back on his mat and that's when kitty almost lost one of his nine lives. You see, I started to fall over.

Ohh. Wooohhh. Noooooo. MOVE KITTY! Kerplunk! Umpff.

I managed to fall and move him out of the way of my falling body at the same time. I assume he took this as a sign that perhaps this was not a safe area to be in as he left soon thereafter.

The rest of the workout was just as challenging. There were many many many running poses, then warrior ones, warrior twos etc. My hip was starting to feel it and I was losing strength. I persisted though - hmmm, maybe I learned something from Mr. Cringely afterall - until all the moving poses were complete. My hip was pretty sore after, but I think it stretched it out quite nicely. I was also pretty happy with the fact that I could still do the poses reasonably well considering it had been quite some time since I atteneded a yoga class.

Oh! The brilliant part of the workout is that I actually did a bind! We were in kind of a triangle running pose so I was all bent and folded over and on the one side I reached one arm behind my back and then the other arm twisted underneath my leg and I reached and reached and pretty much all I could feel was arse cheek. Oh so close. But then I did the other side and I reeeeeaaaacccched as much as I could and finally I felt finger tips!!! Okay, perhaps it wasn't a bind cause my hands weren't clasping but the fact that finger tips touched friggin rocked my world. I even let out a yelp! Then again, the yelp may have been from the strain of trying to actually make finger tip contact. Whatever, it was still brilliant!

So even though hip still isn't cooperating, all is good. I got a good workout in, I did a bind, and I didn't kill my kitty cat. Gotta be happy about that!

Namaste and peace out my beautiful friends!


  1. I am in shock.
    Total shock here.
    A woman.
    Taking advice.
    From (gasp) man!!!
    Especially 'work it harder' Susi on the topic of workouts, and (double gasp) dialing it back a bit.
    Good for you sweetie!!!

    Loved the post, laughed throughout. I know cats get great amusement out of watching humans do what we call stretching.

  2. Moeder saya Cringley just wanted to interrupt the downward dog as he is KING of the house and don<
    ,t you forget it--LUV U

  3. Nice work Keith, with the advice. Seemed to help Susi, but maybe not her cat! Glad everything turned out ok.

  4. THAT IS SOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Told him where to ride an elephant. Nice!

  5. It doesn't matter how you have to contort yourself, you'd always do it to save from cruching the good Mr. Cringely! He's is the kingand he knows it!! LOL!

    I laughed at that one part of the P90x yoga where the guy says something like, "I know this is yoga, but push it, push it, push it!" Hahahahahaha!