Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Is This A Test???

I think the Universe was testing me this morning. Testing to see if I was still grumpy that is. I am doing okay though. Nothing that running up a hill till you want to hurl and talking/having a wee cry on the phone to a friend can't cure!!

I got up bright and early somewhat ready to tackle my bike workout. Granted, it probably took me about five minutes to actually wake up even though I was making the motions of doing my morning routine and then hoofing it to the dungeon.

I got on my bike and started pedaling while I read what the workout plan was for the day. It would appear that instead of the low cadence workouts I had been doing last month, I would be doing high cadence work. Intervals of 100, 105 and 110 rpm.

I was just getting into my warmup, yawning the whole time, when I realized I would have to adjust my bike computer so I could read the cadence and the time, rather than the speed and time. That's when I made the fatal move of touching one of the buttons on my bike computer...

With one push of the button the display read, 'Language'. Shite. Okay, don't panic. Panic never solves anything. I pushed another button. 'ODO 1'. The next time I tried pushing a combination of buttons. I never knew I had a light on this thing!! I admit, I almost got frustrated, but stopped myself.

'Good Morning Universe. Is this a test to see if I am still grumpy and if I lose it? Cause I'm not going to you know. I'll just do something else instead of the high cadence workout now that my computer is reading everything but the normal display and I can't get it back to how it was. So there. Nah. You can't trick this gal! Nope.'

So I cranked the gears up a bit and settled in for an hour of steady state riding. Of course the engineer in me couldn't let go of the fact that I couldn't work this we computer, so the odd time I would continually hit random combinations of buttons. Nothing worked. I did manage to get it so that whenever I hit one button the light would come on and stay on as the display would change! Not that I know how I did that so it will likely never happen again.

At about the 45 minute mark I looked down at the display and was just about to make another vain attempt to figure things out when I noticed that it had flipped back to the normal time/speed display. Huh. Interesting... I stopped pressing the buttons then.

At least it was still in English. One time I somehow changed the language to Italian. That was fun...at least I know bike terms in Italian now! I wonder how I ever got it back into English???

Time to look for the manual - I know I saw it around here somewhere....

Peace out my friends!


  1. That JUST happened to me over the weekend and I went hunting for my manual (which I couldn't find, so I downloaded one on-line). Stupid computers. Glad it got itself back to normal (in English).

  2. 'Good Morning Universe. Is this a test to see if I am still grumpy and if I lose it? Cause I'm not going to you know.

    LOL at this comment. It's these little "tests" that sooo either push us over the edge or remind us that we still have a little patience left and can dig deeper. Glad you dug. And got the workout done-way to go!