Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Friday The 13th!!!

I would love to say I'm vacationing in BC, but I'm here for a special occasion...more on that later. So today I was up early and on the trainer. Got a solid 1:20 hour in and felt it! My legs are going to love me for that workout!

Okay, now that I have all that triathlon news out of the way - the reason I am in BC is because it's my Moeder's 65th birthday!


I'm so excited I could come here to be a part of the celebrations. My mom means a lot to me - a rather obvious statement I guess. She's absolutely brilliant! Here are some of the reasons I think she is the best mom on the planet...

  • When I was around 8 or 9 years old she called me into the house for dinner. However, I was talking to Rob Gonzales and Phil Calvin, so replied in a rather snotty tone 'no'. Next thing I knew mom came outside and applied one of the stealth like judo flips she'd learned in her twenties on me, then grabbed me by my coveralls and brought me inside. For learning judo when girls didn't do that kind of thing, and for kicking my butt, which you could totally still do today, I say YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER!
  • When I was in my twenties I was enrolled in taekwondo. One night my mom and Grannybear came to watch me fight. Unfortunately, the dude I was fighting didn't tuck his thumb in and when he threw a punch I caught the thumb in the eye. I squealed. Then turned to look at my mom and Grannybear who I knew would be ready to pounce like the mama lions they are. Sure enough, they were. For always watching my back and being ready to take someone out for me, I say YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER!
  • When I was in college I was always scared I couldn't pass. In fact I thought that when I did pass it was a fluke and was sure someone would find out I was an imposter. No matter how many times I came home crying because I was scared I failed an exam or something, my mom was always there ready to encourage me and tell me I could do it. For always reminding me to be strong, and for being the reason I have the confidence I do today, I say, YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER!
  • When I participated in my first half Ironman, my mom, dad, Auntie Joan and Uncle Lorne came out to cheer me on - all the way from BC I might add! As I ran to the finish line, completely exhausted and feeling rather icky, my mom started running beside me. Then she scooted a bit ahead of me and started dangling this wee bottle of Jack Daniels in front of me saying 'Come get the Jack!' or something like that. It was hilarious and I'll never forget that moment. For always getting me to the finish line and for appreciating the sacred abilities of Jack Daniels I say, YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER!
  • Last but not least, when I have an important race, my mom and dad are always there. It doesn't matter that I'm almost mumbldy-mumbldy years old, they still travel far and wide so they can watch me race and they deal with the many long hours I'm out there. For being one half of the best support crew anyone could ever have I say, YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER!

Thank you for always being there for me, and for being an amazing example of an intelligent, strong and independent woman. Words will likely never express fully how much I love you, but I do. You rock my world. I hope you have a great day and I can't wait till our Mother-Daughter day birthday prezzie!

Peace out my wonderful friends - go give your Mom's a hug!


  1. Come get the Jack...OMG - I love your mom too!!! Ha!! HAppy Birthday!!!!

  2. Wow, what a great tribute to your Mom! She sounds like the greatest role model a girl could have. It also doesn't hurt that she lives in BC...nice!
    Happy Birthday to her, have a great vacay, it sounds awesome :).

  3. My mom has been gone for a long time so I always like hearing moms getting honored because you never know how long you will have her! She is so luck to have you too..

  4. Happy birthday to your Mom! And the Jack story is one of the coolest things evar!