Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Itch Factor...

It was a rousing swim this morning I must say. Okay, perhaps not rousing, but hey, it was a good swim. The drills were minimal and the sprints were plenty so my heart was definitely pounding and my lungs wheezing.

Interestingly, the pool was rather empty today. At least the snorkel lady, whom I now know is Fran, and my bud Leslie were there. It's always good swimming in Leslie's lane because if I have a lap where I'm behind her I try and keep up in the hopes I will one day get faster.

If she is swimming behind me, well that's another story. Usually she reaches out and tickles my feet, which invariably results in my squeaking and then laughing under water. This of course leads to my snorting vast amounts of water into my sinuses. It's pretty hilarious actually.

On one of my later laps I had just passed by Les at the end of the pool. I was sure she still had a lap to go and was about to start swimming behind me so the anticipation of having my feet tickled was heightened. I felt like Nemo swimming away from the shark as I tried to swim faster and faster just waiting for that moment when I'd feel 'tickle, tickle'.

The really funny part is when I got to the other end of the pool and turned around and saw Les was still at the far end. She'd finished her swim so was just getting her stuff together. Maybe she should swim behind me in races because then I'll go faster?! I don't think she'd agree to that though as she's out really quickly in the swim!

The rest of the day I spent feeling itchy. I hate pool itch. You think you've scrubbed off all of the chlorine, but undoubtadly you have left a miniscule amount on you which leads to a day long itchfest.

It's not bad enough that I live in the Great White North where every winter I shed a layer of skin due to the dry air. Now I also have to deal with the dry skin that comes with swimming. I do my best to lather on the body lotion after, but alas, there are spots I just can't reach. Oh! I just thought of something....surely they must sell those wee back scratchers still? You know the ones - those little mini hands on a long stick that you could use?? Just thinking about it is making me drool...

Oh well, in the meantime I'll just have to be like a bear and use the door jam to rub up and down.

This evening I went for my run. I really haven't been getting into the groove of my runs, which is a tad bothersome. I just feel rather leaden and afterwards my hips are creeky. Not to worry, I will of course hang in there and just like Stella, I too shall get my groove back.

I managed an hour even in the headwinds from hell. This time there was no sprinting up my bonus hill, but I did keep a steady pace.

Too bad I'm still itchy even after shower number two...sigh. Darned itch factor! Scratch, scratch, scratch.

Peace out my friends.


  1. moeder says get a long thin towel and dip in lotion and keep in plastic then you can reach all your back?

  2. Remember my suggestion about a replacement examination? Same thing applies here.

  3. Was scared to open this post...with the title...then I thought "Wait! This is'nt Jenna's blog so it should be relatively safe..."

  4. Remember the Japanese wash cloths (like snad paper)? That's what I use at the fitness centre after my swim. I'll get you some if you want. Use it with a "lotiony" soap.