Monday, 9 February 2009

Good Morning To Ya!!!

Well, there was almost an incident at the pool this morning...

Okay, so here's the story. I walked out onto the deck this morning only to find that all the lanes had two people in them. All but the far lane, which had one gal. Cool! I've swum with this gal before and we usually just each take a side of the lane and stay on it. No least until Andrew the Trouble Maker showed up...

Okay, I lie, he's not a trouble maker. He's actually a relatively reserved fellow. Which is why I didn't think he'd do what he did...

So as mentioned above all lanes had two people in them - now that I had hopped in. I saw Andrew and mentioned that the fellow in the lane beside me usually is out by 6:30. So Andrew figured he'd swim in my lane until the dude left. Again, should be no problem. Except there was.

For some reason, even though the gal in my lane, we shall name her 'The Side Stroker' saw that there were now three people in the lane, she still maintained her protocol of staying on the one side. Hmmm... Now this was just not going to work.

Thing was I didn't figure this out until I went to start swimming my next lap. I just about made the move to swim and noticed that BOTH Andrew and the Side Stroker were coming for me. Okay, this isn't working. Again I give her the benefit of the doubt thinking okay now she really has to get that she needs to do the old clockwise trick, but alas, she doesn't. I said to Andrew, 'Maybe you could inform her of the rules??' (Cause I want to be the nice swimmer and not have her 'accidently' kick me as she does her breast stroke.)

What does Andrew do?? He waits until she's swimming towards us and he swims right for her!! I admit, I covered my eyes with my hands and peaked through. He, of course, didn't swim over her but did startle her. She just gave him a look and carried on. This I found rather hilarious to be honest. It didn't help our problem though.

What did was buddy in the next lane was finished so Andrew moved over and the Side Stroker continued on our merry single side of the lane way.

I learned after that Andrew was swimming behind her at one point and thought she was going to do the clockwise thingy but she turned right around and swam towards him. So that was TWICE there was a near collision and she didn't get it. Go figure.

Other than that I had a great swim and managed a solid 2100 m. I figure I'll keep my swims around this distance for a while, then bump up the mileage.

Later on in the day I had planned a lunchtime run. Just before lunch I started to get some sharp pains in my abdomen. Hmmm, must have eaten that banana too quickly. I decided I would run anyways so got all my gear on and was at the front door when I had a heck of a stabbing pain. Ow. Folding over now...

I decided it must be gas and the best way to get that out is to jump up and down. You know, kinda like when you were a baby and your parental unit would bump you on their knee to make you burp? I swear it works. This time however, I had even more severe pains so instead of going out for a run I ended up in the fetal position on the couch. Urgh. So sad. Taken out by gas pains.

The jumping must have helped somewhat because later on the effects too place that were required to make me feel better. No need for details here I'm sure...

I managed to get out for a run after work and had a great time. I was surprised I felt lighter on my feet than I had the last month, even with legs completely fatigued, in a good way, from the weekend. It was a short half hour run, but highly enjoyable. I'm glad I finally got out there!

Next time I will watch the speed with which I eat my food in order to prevent a recurrence...

Peace out my friends!


  1. Steve in a speedo wants details.

    With two people swimming, they can each have half the lane and do what ever pleases them. But when #3 comes along, he/she/it needs to talk to each of the people in the lane, and confirm they are going around in circles now. And then that's what you do. It's up to the new person to let the others know. If there's a problem, it's #3's fault.

    My inner shark takes violations of these rules very seriously, and will swim over violators.

    I don't like going in circles particularly, but that's what sharing is all about. I swam with a couple other guys where we split the lane into thirds, and went up and down our third. Since there was never three of us abreast at once, there was never a problem, but we were all good about keeping our arms in, none of this flapping like a one winged seagull.

    This gets me into the resolutionista's at FOMC pool these days. They have no idea what it means to be swimming in the fast lane. It means you're swimming. Not floating, not thrashing, and certainly not doing the walk thing. Grrrr.

  2. Swimming drama! At least your pool is 25m -- think of three people in a 20m pool! Hahahaha!

    I admit, I do have a secret weapon -- Charmaine has such a PRESENCE in the water -- as soon as she gets in, the lane magically clears,and it's just her and me! LOL!!!

  3. I am surprised the lady didn't *get it* with three people in a lane. Some people are *that* ignorant of the people around them and their surroundings.

    Glad to hear you still kicked out a great swim and made it out for your run Home Slice!

  4. OMG. Your account of the swim was perfect. I felt uncomfortable for you reading it. Why do some people not get it?!?!?!?! So annoying. Way to hang in there - and get that run in!!!!

  5. The Side Stroker needs to get a clue! VERY funny story though, that Andrew is just so menacing, isn't he? :)

    Great run, sorry about the gas before the other one. Gas can make it or break it for sure.