Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Attack Of The Killer Noodles...

Last we heard, our heroine was in Beautiful British Columbia soaking up the rays and loving the family time...

Forgive me readers, it's been six days since my last post...a fair amount has happened too! Better grab a java cause this is going to be a long one.

Let's start off with my noodle attack. Okay, it wasn't an attack per se, but it could have been! I went to the pool with Dad last Wednesday. This time I made sure to figure out my workout so I'd get the correct distance in. Not that doing 2600 m isn't a good idea, but I had a 1.5 hour run in the afternoon so wanted to maintain some energy.

There was a young gal in the 'lane' (remember there are no lane markers) next to me. She had a noodle and was doing various swimming and running exercises. I was doing my thing when I spotted another noodle enter the pool. The fellow went in the 'lane' next to me. Then another noodle came in. Holy hannah it was a noodle fest in the pool!!!!

I had to dodge the noodle dude beside me a couple of times. I was trying not to think of the mess that would ensue should my limbs become intangled in his noodle.

At one point I turned at the pool edge and saw three noodles coming my way. I couldn't hold in the laughter, so I dunked my head under water and laughed there as the noodles wriggled their way past me.

The swim was great, even with the noodles and I got in 2100 m.

I went back to the house and worked for the day, then got ready for my 1.5 hour run. I decided I needed to get my long runs done on Wednesdays so that I wouldn't be doing back to back long run/long bike on the weekend.

The day was stunning! It was 12 C and sunny. The air was crisp and clean. The birds were chirping. The dogs were out in full force on the pathways too!

I felt great for the first part of the run, but them my hip started niggling. I tend to get this at the beginning of the season. It's hard to explain but it's like my hip wants to pop out so my muscles try to hold everything together and thats when all heck can break loose.

Sometimes I can get it to hold steady with lots of strength training. This time though I think the issue is my IT band. It's been very tight the last while so I think it's pulling things out of wack.

I did my best not to focus on my hip but rather all the puppies there were to pet, the gorgeous weather, and the amazing scenery.

It was funny, because although the air was crisp when I started out, it got a bit stinky after a while. In all honesty, I thought I stepped in some dog poop and that's what I was smelling. I later clued in to the fact that I was running on the dike that is protecting a bunch of farms...farms that use poo to fertilize things! Sooo glad it wasn't on my shoe...

By the time I got home I was nice and sweaty and covered in dog fur. All was well, until I went in the house....

I walked in and my Dad was sitting in the livingroom and said 'I have some bad news.' I gotta tell ya, I hate when people start out a sentance like that!! I had a second of panic before he revealed the bad news - Mom had slipped at the curling rink and broken her wrist. We had to go to the hospital. Admittedly I was releaved by that news. A broken wrist totally sucks, but it could have been far worse news!

As we drove to the hospital I noticed my cell phone vibrating. There was a message on there from my Mom telling me what had happened and not to worry Dad. She had called when I was out running, but I didn't have my phone with me. I could imagine the sprint I would have done at the end of my run to get home with that call!

I did the fastest shower possible and we headed out. Two of mom's curling buddies were sweet enough to stay with her till we arrived. We spent the next four hours in the hospital waiting for mom to be x-rayed and to get a cast etc. I learned that when Mom fell on the ice the f-bomb that she dropped could be heard throughout the rink. Yup, that's my Ma! So funny.

I was going to drive back the next day but stayed to make sure all was well. Mom was in quite a bit of pain because the cast was constricting the swelling.

I managed to get my bike workout in before anyone was up. We'd had quite the late night before so Mom and Dad were trying to get their zzzzz's. The workout was great as it was an easy spin. I had planned to go out for a run that night, and even started it, but my hip hurt too much, so I called it a night.

I'm happy to report that Mom is doing much better now that they split open the cast and taped it until she can get into see the wrist specialist. At one point her fingers were turning blue! Crazy stuff.

I'm home now and I've gotten in a long bike ride and a good swim. I must say, I think I miss the noodle people in the pool. Nothing to giggle at!

I'm on recovery week so my workouts will be pretty tame.

As today is my birthday I'm not working. When I started my company I made the rule that no one has to work on their birthday. Instead I will head out for a run in the 2 inches of fresh snow and hope my hip holds up. Holy hannah I'm sounding old!! Then I get to be a spoiled princess as I am being taken out for lunch and dinner!

Oh so many things to be grateful for!

Peace out my glorious friends!


  1. I hope you have a truly fantastic birthday!

  2. Well!! Happy Birthday!!
    Hope you have a fantastic day! Sending lots of good birthday wishes!

  3. Happpy happppy birthday!!! Twenty nine looks great on you:) so .... Make it a great day off!!!!

  4. First sorry to hear about your mom's wrist....lmao over the smell, at first I though may be you were going to say you had a bit of gas!!.....and the noodles, how did you keep your sanity???? Happy birthday Susi!!


    PSit;s my arm --radius.

    We want a pic of your LULU LEMON outfit.


  6. Happy Birthday you crazy chick!! I laughed so hard when I read about the possibility of your limbs entangling in his noodle -- LMAO!!!!

    I'm so happy to hear your Mom is doing well -- that's a relief. :) :)

  7. Hope your Mom is feeling better...and you are such a dirty girl.

    "I was trying not to think of the mess that would ensue should my limbs become intangled in his noodle."


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  9. Happy, Happy (late) Birthday! I love the rule that no one has to work on their b-day. So fun! I hope your hip doesn't hurt on your run!

    Sorry about your mom.....is curling popular "Up North?" What a trooper, I'm glad she's feeling better.

    Oh, and the noodle story had me cracking up. I can't imagine!