Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Walking T&A Drool Package...

The 'spring forward' we took definitely is hard to get used to and it doesn't help when you go to bed later than normal with a belly mega full of sushi. I woke up this morning with a sushi hangover and a sluggish feel...

Still, I managed to blindly put on some sort of biking attire and got down the stairs without being tripped by something furry.

I yawned as I sleepily put my bike shoes on and heaved myself up onto the saddle...time to go for a ride.

I decided to stick with my program of building endurance...or the Lance program as I affectionately call it. I did 1:15 hours of 10/5s. I was really happy to see my heart rate stayed below my maximum for the zone I was in as I pedaled the cadence and gear that was my goal. Definitely some progress being made. I was also impressed that I managed such a strong ride considering I'd felt so groggy when I got on the bike. Very cool.

Of course, as I pedaled like a madwoman I continued the focus on my posture...it is seeming to make a difference. Speaking of my posture....

I was sitting at my desk, working away as I do, when I noticed it. My teeth were clenched. Oh no... My physio had asked if I was a clencher or a grinder because it affects your neck muscles which are connected to your back muscles which then has an affect on posture. I hadn't been sure. Then I thought, noooo, I'm neither. I'm a mouthbreather 98% of the time because my allergies keeps my nose plugged! But now...now I just caught myself clenching. Oh no, I'm a clencher!!

Great, just great. So now in addition to thrusting my hips forward, sticking out the tata's and pulling my shoulder blades back and down, I now have to keep my tongue on the top of my palate of my mouth so my jaw stays relaxed!! Sigh. What will I have to endure next...

I thought, "I bet I drool like this. My nose is kinda plugged therefore I can't really close my mouth". Sure enough, not a few minutes later I caught a small amount of spittle gathering up around the corner of my mouth. Oh for crying out loud!

Nice. Very nice. I am now a walking T&A drool package. If that's not attractive I don't know what is.

I'm going to be practicing yoga tonight. It should be interesting to see if a big globule of drool starts hanging from my mouth. Perhaps I can get it to hang so it almost touches the mat then just before contact, suck it back up! Would that be considered a meditational state???

Peace out my friends!


  1. Any man that does find a girl that drools or even better can control here drool hot is not much of a man....lmao

  2. oh yeah that is hot!!!! keep up the good work :)

  3. This one will make the video clip of your life someday when you are looking back...

  4. Oh yeah baby!! If you can manage to control the drool -- you have reached nirvana! Hahahaha!! Mike can blow spit bubbles...Ever thought of trying that? LOL!!!!!

  5. When we were out for sushi, she remembered her posture. And sat up straight. Sigh. There are days it's good to be a guy. She didn't drool.

  6. LOL. Love the word "tatas." You are right, TOO much too worry about. But after reading one of your other posts I realized that I have similar posture/pelvis problems so yesterday I thought of you on my ride trying to keep my shoulders down and my blades back. Felt good, but took a lot of effort. But thanks for the advice. :)

    Loved the "without tripping on something furry" comment. Way to get it done and meet your goals!