Thursday, 19 March 2009


I bet, based on the above title, that you think this is going to be an icky story regarding globs of hair and snot strings in the pool. But you'd be wrong! Although you may still be gagging at what I wrote, as I know I am. Geez.
No...this may be worse. Big sigh...
It would appear that the nail of one of my wee toes is going to fall off. I was drying off my foot yesterday and felt that something just wasn't right with one of my tootsies. I touched my toenail and noticed that it lifted up. GASP! This was the toe that was all black after skiing a few weeks ago. I am completely distraught over this because until now my tender tootsies were cute, cute, cute! At least in my opinion. Please see Exhibit A below for proof.

I mean, at least they aren't hairy, or have weird gnarly nails, and they are in perfect alignment. But now! Now I may have one nail that isn't there, which is going to totally screw up wearing toenail polish, which I do at all times! Not to mention who knows how long it is going to take to grow the new nail in. THIS IS TRAGIC!!! As a triathlete I am constantly showing my toes! Heck, in the summer I am hard pressed to wear anything more than flip flops and prefer wandering in barefeet!

My only hope is to try and keep the nail attached in with the dream that the new nail will follow the pattern of the old nail and grow in nice and normal and cute.

I'm so disappointed. How many half Ironman and Ironman races have I been in, not to mention the many half marathons and nothing more than a wee blister to contend with. I have managed to preserve my toes until now. Heavier sigh.

Oh well, life WILL go on and I shall survive.

In other news, training has been going well, even with a sore arse and knot the size of a walnut partially lodged under my shoulder blade.

I actually took the day off of training on Tuesday because the pain in my hip had travelled and now my arse, or rather the muscles in my right arse cheek, were nagging me big time non stop. Instead of riding as planned, I rolled and stretched and stretched and rolled as much as I could. Things seemed a triffle better on Wednesday, but today it's twigging again after my trainer session.

I find it mildly amusing that I can't sit up in my saddle because my arse hurts, but then when I go in aero position I'm fidgety there because of the knot in my back. Oh will it ever end?! Too funny.

For my back I've been laying on a tennis ball that I situate where the knot is. I stay that way until I can no longer take the pain that radiates up my neck. I was looking forward to my physio appointment today so she could inflict more pain and hopefully release the hounds that are lodged in my back and arse. Alas, my physio called me to tell me she was ill and we had to reschedule. I am glad she honoured her health and just took the day off though. Too many people don't do that.

So I will go on self treating with rollers, tennis balls, stretching mats and all sorts of other wonderful tricks of the trade.

I'm sure my body is telling me something...perhaps I will start listening a little more closely??

All that said, LIFE IS GOOD!!

Peace out my wonderful friends!


  1. Rip that toenail off with your teeth!! Video it, and send it to Steve of speedo fame. You'll probably win a prize.

    That toenail has to come out so the new one can grow in straight. Just paint where the toenail was. Nobody will notice except for your foot fetish stalker.

    The roller is good. Worship the roller. back, forth, up down, right THERE!!!!! ooooooohhhhhhhh.

  2. Moeder says thanks to Sue,s physio I can bend my R hand a lot better...cold/hot 15 mins.ouch but it works. MOEDER lost two big toe nails to ski boot & it took 18 mos before new ones came back. Baby,s should take 6 mos or more??

  3. I want to see a pic when the nail is missing, then that is a hot, sexy athletic foot!!

  4. I'm with Chuck -- let's see a pic of the toenail!! Hahahahaha!! Your feet are very, very nice by the way. Mine don't look anything like that.

    The last time my toes saw nail polish was probably 1988...

    I am quite tickled that I have physical proof of all the running I've been doing. I have a new callus on each foot -- a big wad of skin right on the balls of my feet. I don't need Newton's baby, I got my own brand-spanking new pair of yellow calluses!! LOL!!!!

  5. Ummmmm, I am OBSESSED with your adorable m dot tattoo! How cool to do it in the middle of a Maple Leaf! Girl, it is so cute and looks so good on your foot.

    I am sorry to hear about your toe nail. Knock wood I have never lost one. My mom did once and painted her skin once it was healed to make it look like a nail. It actually looked ok, so that's an option.

    Good luck w/ your back and arse issues.

  6. Ditto to what Amy said, forget about your poor toe-that tattoo is frickin' awesome! Oh I so wish I were Canadian, an m dot in a star or stripe would look totally lame.

    I think we have similar arse issues going on. You should get Trigger Point therapy tools (one of the tools is like a tennis ball, but there are others that you use with other trigger points in your body to help release everything that is connected). Anyway, the site is Hope it feels better soon!!!!