Monday, 5 November 2007

-7 Degrees and Clear...

I went out for a run this morning around 6am...and boy was it c-c-c-cold! The great thing about going out then was that it was so dark I could see all the stars - Orion's belt, the big dipper, and this really bright star that was beside the moon. I see it most mornings - it's one of the brightest in the sky, but I'm not sure what it's name is.

Because it was so dark I decided to stick to running along the sidewalks in the neighborhood and do some loops, rather than going on the trails. Afterall, I really didn't feel like dealing with coyotes, the boogeyman, or any other saskwatch like creature that was lurking behind a tree just waiting for an unsuspecting short blond jogger to happen by...

It was pretty quiet out there, just the swishing of my jacket, pants and the calming hum of the many diesel trucks being started up and left running. Sigh... damn rednecks! haha. Gotta love breathing in diesel fumes while running! Cough, gasp, sputter!!

My run was easy, only a half hour and I kept my heartrate down. I loved being out there in the dark and on my own, it was actually pretty relaxing. Well, until I got to a cul-de-sac and decided that if I were to do a loop I would have to go through a walkway that would lead me partway down 'the Beast'! Normally this would be ok, but we had some snow on Sunday, which was now ice. So it made the Beast even more beastly!

So now I had to quickly step my way down an icy path, which ran along a spooky dark field. Needless to say I tried my best to get down that area of pathway as quickly as possible without slipping! Eep.

Thankfully I made it down safe and sound. I ran around the neighborhood below min then finished my run off by climbing up the hill to my place. A pretty great way to start the day if I do say so myself!!!


  1. my sister and i say there is nothing than interval training spurred on by a dude stumbling out of the bush just in front of you or a gang of kids walking nearby careful little one!!!

  2. true...but if scary monster chose to stumble out of bush he would see five foot two of fury barreling towards him. AIYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! tee hee.

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