Monday, 26 November 2007

Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

So I tried out hot yoga tonight for the first time! I went with my friend Katie, so she explained to me what happens. I have to say, it was -23 C yesterday with the windchill so I was very excited to get into a room that was heated to 100C and 50% humidity, haha.

When we got into the hot room there were people just laying about. Getting in 'the zone' I would presume. Katie and I picked a spot by the far wall and in the back. Ya, I'm a 'back of the class gal', haha. As a newbie I didn't want to be front and centre...nor did I want to be in front of the handsome fellas in the back, LOL.

The teacher came in and got us going pronto. It was a vinyasa flow class so we did a lot of the Sun Salutation routine, with varying poses in between. I've done this one a few times so wasn't too bad at it, although she did call it out quite quickly. Hmm...aren't I supposed to be meditating and breating with each move?! Rather than trying frantically to keep up with each pose?! The teacher was quite sweet, but she did not have the voice of a yogi master. There was no calm or soothing melody to it, haha. Actually, she'd be quite good at running a boot camp class I think!

No worries though, I was enjoying myself as I stretched, bent, and breathed each pose. I really enjoyed where we'd stop and just lay down on our mats in between. It was to let our spines relax.....sure, whatever you say...wake me up for the next move. Forgive the drool...

We did a few sets of balancing and flexibility as well. For some of the poses I had to observe my neighbor as I wasn't sure what to do. However, I am happy to report that I am still a ninja princess and can balance with the best of them. My ahnold like muscles (yes, I'm totally being silly here) did not like being twisted around though. I just can't cross my quazilla legs and wrap my foot around my calve. It isn't going to happen, haha. Not unless I lose some serious muscle bulk, tee hee. At least that's what I like to tell myself!

The last thing we did was a set of ab workouts. Let's just say that it's obvious I haven't been in the gym in a while. YEOW!!!! "Lift legs and switch, switch, up, down, back, forth, yada, yada!!!" " NEXT MOVE KEEP THOSE LEGS UP THERE!" Riiiiiight. Drill sargeant!

At the very end they dim the lights and let you lie down on your mat. Aaaaaah. Now this is the life. At one point I thought I heard someone behind me making what can only be described as a very low foghorn like hum. I was thinking, 'Dude, I'm trying to relax here...have a little consideration!'. It started getting louder and louder so I wondered if he'd been to some fancy schmancy yoga centre in India and learned some meditative hum. I was not impressed. Then I realized what it was....a cd. haha. The instructor had turned on a cd before she left the room so we could relax to, uh, to.....foghorn humming?!

At least I wasn't the only one that thought that. I brought it up with Katie and she thought it was some guy in the class too, LOL!

It was a fun class though and I know it will help with my flexibility, so hopefully I'll get there again soon!


  1. hey i bought the yoga bootie ballet cd so i can contort by myself and here is the funny part - it comes with spanish music (as in fast upbeat tempo) music...I'm dying to see what a disaster I can make of it ....

  2. You must copy it for me!!! LOL

  3. I can barely do the yoga when it's slow and you have time to think about it. My massage therapist threatened to disown me if I did any of the hot yoga stuff. She said if you don't know what you're doing and try to keep up you're likely to hurt yourself, then come crying to me to fix it.