Tuesday, 27 November 2007

How Do Dogs Do This???

Well I was 15 minutes late getting into the pool this morning. We got a wee bit of snow overnight, but it was enough that even at 5:45 am it was chaos on the roads. Sigh.

As I drove into town I passed a semi that had flipped, and when I got into town I had to zig zag all over downtown just to bypass fender benders. At least I got a good 45 minutes swim in!

The first drill was 6 x 75 m (50m drill/25 m swim). For three sets we did the zipper drill, then the last three were the three touch drill. Basically the three touch drill is where you make like the zipper, touch your hip, should, noggin, then stroke.

Next up was 6 x 75 m kick drills. These ones were made all the more interesting as we were not to use a kick board...hmmmm. The first 25 m was kicking with head submerged, using sculling to take a breath. The next 25 m was kicking underwater. Always a challenge for Ms. Junk in the Trunk, haha. My arse ALWAYS wants to surface, haha. The last one was, well, near impossible. We were to extend our arms in front of us, keep our head above water, and kick.

Hmmmm....tricky....I kicked as hard as I could, trying to keep my head above water. As I did so I felt like a golden retreiver or something, haha. My tongue was hanging out too as I gasped for air. Luckily we were to take a 20 second rest at the end of the 75 m. At one point I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest! As I'm stubborn, I managed to get them all done - even if it wasn't very graceful. Meh, graceful schmaceful, haha.

After that it was an easy 300 m. I practiced my stroke and kept an eye on the hair tumbleweed that was floating along the bottom of the pool. Thankfully it was in the deep end. Hack!


  1. Those drills sound totally brutal. Just, like brutal. Brutally brutal. Have you ever considered the possibility that your instructor gets secret instructor bonus points if he/she can make anyone gag and choke or semi-drown during all this? And that the instructors get together to compare stories and laugh their asses off at the antic of people trying to do the impossible? And yours is winning big time. And you PAID for this?

  2. funny what we pay for - isn't it?

  3. Yeah, I can't really give away the secret, but all us coaches have a big party at the end of the year - and laugh at all the stories from our athletes as we try to hurt, drown, make puke, and generally be a big nuissance to our athlete's as they prepare for their big IM races!! ha ha - just kidding :)

  4. yeah i can see the coaches doing that .....it would get quite funny i would bet too!!