Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Back In The Saddle Again...

Well after an exciting weekend in Banff, where I came as close to a 'near death' experience as I ever want to get...I got back at it today. Sort of....

I had all my gear ready to go for a swim this morning then hit the bike class tonight. For some reason though I was not meant to go to swim class, haha. I had set my alarm, and it went off at 5:20 like it was supposed to, but for whatever reason the radio station it was tuned to was all static. So I never heard it! I was lying there forever thinking, hmmm, it's got to be time to get up! Here's the thing though - I'm an insomniac, so if I do wake up during the night, I don't look at the clock. It's a little trick so I can fall back asleep without worrying about the time. FINALLY I looked - and it was 7:17am. SHITE! I was really looking forward to swimming!

Not a great way to start the day. No worries, I had a bike class tonight. I figured I'd go early then get some extra biking in.

Before going I drank a 'meal replacement' shake thingy. It wasn't the tastiest....in fact...it was hard to get down. Gack.

Got to the tri shop and set up. My friend Paddy was there so I got her caught up in all my weekend fun, then it was time to get back in the saddle. I wasn't sure how the bod would react, afterall it had been two weeks since I'd been on the bike. For the first half hour I just spun it out easily, while chit chatting of course.

Our warm up was some one legged spinning and high cadence spinning. I even managed to get my rpm up to 140! Had a little bootie shakin going on, but not too bad. I was really happy my pedaling - I wasn't getting hung up at the top for the most part. Very cool.

The main set was a pyramid. 90-100-90-110-90-100-90-110-90-120-90-110-90-120-90-130-90-120 rpm and so on. Or something like that! LOL. Seems confusing but isn't when you have IronGreg calling it out. haha. Yes, I'm a lazy triathlete. Just do as told and don't think!

Okay, that's not quite true, I was thinking about my pedaling and trying ot make sure on the high cadence sets that my arse cheeks weren't bouncing off the back of the seat, haha.

Considering I'd had some time off from the bike I felt great. Oh, except for that energy drink that I'd had earlier. Funny how it was really hard to get down....then when I was working out it was hard to KEEP down. Urgh. I just told myself that feeling like you are going to hurl while working out is great training for Ironman...heh heh.

The last set was to do some standing pedaling, then an easy spin. The workout was an easy one, so a good one to get back into it with. It's been a struggle to take some time off even though I needed it - as funny as that sounds. I'm finally feeling that I'm ready to get back into the swing of things now. Perfect timing as my IMCDA training will start in January. I can't wait!!!

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