Saturday, 8 December 2007

-21...Time For A Run!!!

You gotta love the dedication of the runners in this town! It was -21C this morning and there were 21 (coincidentally) at the cafe ready to go for a run! Was hard to tell who the hell everyone was because we all had our touques and balaclavas on! haha.

Of course I was recognizable because my braids were hanging out the bottom of my very purple neckwarmer! In fact, I was quite colourful today. Had the neon yellow club jacket on, bright red mitts (that matches my red fleece), and purple neckwarmer. It kept me pretty warm - along with my double leggings. At least until we rounded the corner and hit the wind. HOLY SHITE!! That's friggin cold!

My warm breath was going up to my eyes, so my eyelashes froze. I'd blink and they'd stick together for just a moment. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, haha. My neckwarmer was getting stiff from the frozen sweat and breath as well. All of us must have looked wild to everyone driving by!

I ran with Trish, Sue and Leslie. We slowly split up as Sue went to run along the river, Leslie was running for a half hour only (she'd completed a marathon last weekend!!) and Trish and I wanted to run for an hour.

I'm not that fond of running through the neighborhoods, but at one point we turned around and we had the best view of the mountains! It's times like that make me so thankful for where we live!

Trish and I finished off our run along the river. Was a bit tricky running in the snow (just adds an extra element of challenge) but it was gorgeous down there. All the trees were frost covered so it looked like a winter wonderland.

I finished off my run in 1:10 hours. The run felt great, but damn, bits of me were super cold by then end!! Didn't matter that I had a ton of layers on. I'm glad I went out though. Now I just need to get out for some xcountry skiing!!

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