Friday, 7 December 2007

Push, Curl, Pull...

I made it to the gym today!! Did a half hour run first on the treadmill. It was pretty funny as I decided to try out one of the preprogrammed 'routes'. It was the 'trail' program. Ya, right. haha. I couldn't get the damn treadmill to go fast enough at first, but then it seemed to catch up. Unexpectantly. Can you say 'Aiyeeee!'?! haha. Did a quick little sprint to keep up while I frantically hit the 'minus' button, haha. Was great.

I then went and did some shoulder, back, chest exercises. Any guess on whether I took it easy or not?? haha. I also did a few sets of step ups. It all felt great. Will try and hit the gym more often now!

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