Monday, 31 December 2007

Uh Oh...

I seem to be taking a day off in between workouts, then doing two in one day! Yesterday and today were no exceptions - although I know this little habit will be stopping pretty darn quick!

Today I went over to IronGreg's to lend a little support as he did his mock triathlon. His goal: 1 hr swim, 180 km bike (on the trainer), and a 1 hour run. I say little support because I could only fit in an hour ride.

Okay, let's get real here...I probably couldn't do much more than an hour ride, haha.

IronGreg is training for Ironman Malaysia in February. I will be going too, but alas, only as support and not a competitor. (Slightly obvious considering my serious lack of training the last few months!) As the temperature can get to 40 C with 100% humidity, IronGreg has been training under the heat register, with the humidifier going full blast all the while wearing a toque.

He was already on his bike when I arrived and had a few km's under his belt. It was actually nice to walk into such a warm room after being outside in the cold, haha. Anyhoo, I got my Eleanor set up in the trainer, got changed and joined in on the fun.

Although we had an IM DVD in, rather than focus on that I tried to focus a bit on my technique. I tried to keep my cadence at 90 rpm, made sure I wasn't getting hung up at the top of the stroke etc. One problem I continue to have is with my shoulder. I get a sharp pain shooting down through my bicep and tricep when I'm in the aero position. This has plagued me since last season and continues to do so. It's a wee bit troublesome, but I know I'll get it looked after in the new year. At least I can practice some core work by riding with one arm in the bars and one arm behind my back, haha.

Through my ride I was watching my HR...and I was watching IronGreg. Hmmm...he seemed to be sweating a lot more than me. Silly me decided to point this out. (Mental note: Never point out to your coach he seems to be working harder than you....cause he WILL change that situation....and it's not with him slowing down!)

IronGreg took a look at my gears and promptly got me to increase them. Needless to say my HR slowly started to creep up, haha. It made me realize that I did not push myself on the bike last year. I mean, I did in strength workouts and such on the trainer, but I'm pretty sure I didn't put this much effort into my biking when we were riding outside. Uh ooooh....

At the time I cranked up my gearing I was at the half hour for the last half hour I maintained this effort and it wasn't that easy. In all honesty, it kind of scared me at first. Reality checks sometimes can do that! I have had a wee taste of what I'm going to have to do this year, and I wish I'd worked harder last year. Such is life though, no sense getting bike shorts in a knot over it! Live and learn I say!

This year my plan is to focus on the bike - and now I know what I need to do. Time to 'Suck It Up Princess' and get tough! Something that I feel I'm rather good at - so I know all will be fine!

After finishing on the bike, leaving IronGreg with 130 km left to go....ow, and managing to lock myself out of IronGregs in between putting my bike in the car and going back to get my trainer (yes, I had to call IronGreg on the cell and get him to stop peddling so he could let me in, haha... SORRY!!), I made the mad dash back home to get ready for a run with Richelle.

Richelle and her hubby were having a wee New Years gathering, but beforehand we were going to do a New Years run! I believe it was -17C out, so a bit brisk to say the least. Nothing that many layers of fleece can't handle.

This would be my first time going for a run with Richelle. I was looking forward to it, but knew I wouldn't be keeping my HR down, haha. That girl is a natural and has fast feet!! I remember running behind her at the LC Half Marathon and thinking, 'Holy Hannah, I WILL have a heart attack if I try to keep her pace for the race!' haha.

The pace actually wasn't too bad (thank you Richelle!). Yes, my heart rate was in the 150s - and don't ask what it was doing going uphill, haha. But I felt really good. It was really nice to run at night in the crisp air and to have someone crazy enough to go with! I stayed pretty warm, but the eyelashes in the corner of my eyes were freezing and sticking made for a very interesting feeling. I was waiting for the moment when I went to blink and they froze together! I can see it now, me frantically waving my arms in the air and going in circles trying to figure out where I'm going and how the hell I'm going to defrost my eyelashes!! (Hey, this is me we are talking about....SOOOO could happen!)

We managed to get a solid hour of running in. Not bad for someone who feels quite couch potatoish these days! I'm looking forward to 2008 and getting back on a training schedule!

I wish everyone a year filled with peace, love and happiness....oh, and let's not forget good health!!

Thanks to all who have been my support through my 2007 triathlon adventures - see ya in 2008!!

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  1. Only you would have to worry about freezing your eyelashes! Killing myself laughing here.