Thursday, 3 January 2008

Squish and Ski...

It's official...I'm old. This morning, at the ripe old age of 37 I had to have my first mammogram. Sigh. Actually, it wasn't as bad as some of the horror stories I've heard. (Thank you to the boob squishing Gods and Goddesses above!). No matter how bad it was though, in honour of my good friend Tigger who went through a double masectomy, chemo and radiation last year to fight breast cancer, I was not going to complain!

Breast cancer runs in my family (oh joy) so the doc thought it best to go in for a baseline screening. The process was surprisingly quick. Remove all upper clothing. Have stranger (did I even get her name?! haha) feel around for lumps and bumps, then have boob placed on plastic ledge. And here's where it gets fun...

So one has boobie resting on ledge, but apparantly it's not high enough, so technician raises ledge electronically till I'm practically being lifted off my feet! My boob is now located approximately under my chin! LOL. Then she moves your shoulders and head all over till you are leaning in...then it happens. The SQUISH! The upper plastic ledge is slowly lowered until your boob is pancake shaped. Yes, a tad bit uncomfortable. Again, not going to complain. The tech then tells you to hold your breath so she can take picture.

This wouldn't be a big deal, but she tells me to hold my breath when she's standing behind me, so I get to hold my breath while she takes her time walking around machine, then turning it on, then taking picture. At this point I was starting to see little black spots floating in front of my eyes. Could she not have told me a little later?? Or not said it so quickly I couldn't take a deep breath?? haha

Of course this went on for other boob as well. Then they do the same thing, only squishing in a vertical manner. Each time I was trying to gauge when she'd say hold your breath so I could take a deep breath. Didn't work. I am still amazed I didn't pass out during this process from lack of air. Shouldn't I be able to hold my breath for a long time from swimming??

So after all that 'fondling' and squishing I didn't get a phone number (haha), but I did get a clean check up. I do have to go back for an ultrasound though. Just another screening process, nothing to worry about.

I feel like I've gone through a right of passage or something. Hmmmm....

After all that good stuff I headed out the mountains with Esther and Joanne for a xcountry ski. We went out to Pocaterra in KCountry. The temperature was perfect and I think they even got a bit of new snow out there because the conditions were great!

We did a short loop for an hour where we learned some great ski techniques from the 'newbie', Joanne. She had recently taken some lessons and as Esther and I had never had lessons, she was kind enough to share her knowledge. I have to say, I was skiing all wrong before, haha. Oh well, I still got around. Now though I can really whizz along! It was great! (Thanks Joanne!!)

A quick stop for lunch brought some excitement to the day. We were eating our lunch in the hut when a wee squirrel (sooooo adorable) ran by. There were two little kids in the hut (waiting for their parents?!) along with an elderly couple. The kids screamed, of course, sheesh while the elderly couple totally ignored said squirrel. Joanne, Esther and I figured, hmm, maybe we should try and shoosh it outside?? Okay, Joanne and Esther thought that - I thought 'PHOTO OP!!'. haha. So they were trying to guide the little guy as I was trying to snap pics of him. He was pretty quick though.

At one point Joanne dropped an almond for him, thinking she'd make a little trail to the door and then he would go outside. Squirrel was WAY too smart for that. He grabbed the almond, gave her a little wave and a wink, then scurried up to the rafters! Well, well, looks like squirrel has a home here!

A short while later, a group of Wrinkleys came into the hut. This is when Mr. Squirrel decided to appear. Likely thinking, hmmm, more food?? Once again the kids freaked (URGH!!) and it was at this point that their, I'm guessing Grandma, KICKED the squirrel.!!

Well folks, I have to admit, it took every ounce of strength in my peace, love and granola being not to leap over two picnic tables and go for the LOD's (little ol dear's) jugular. I think I yelled 'NO!' or something. Maybe that was just in my head? The little guy gave his head a shake and then ran up to the rafters. I was boiling with anger though.

Joanne and Esther could see this, as the 'ruby stain' on my forehead flashed an angry red. (It doesn't this when I have a hard workout or am really pissed....a good warning signal I think, haha). I just couldn't believe this woman attacked the poor squirrel! It wasn't doing anything! HULLLLOOOO, we are in the f'in wildnerness lady. If you are afraid of tiny innocent squirrels then perhaps you shouldn't be here!!

Seriously, at the very least she could have just shooed it rather than attack it. Yup, I'm still pissed over the whole thing. I believe in treating all in nature (plants, animals and humans) equally. Granted I wouldn't try and pet a wild animal or anything, but I sure as hell would let it live in peace and not attack it for no good reason. AAARGGH!! Okay...trying to calm breathing now....

After all that, we headed out for another ski. I had energy to burn off, haha. We toodled onto the other side of the park and were doing well, but mine and Joanne's skis were building up lots of snow. Esther was teasing us about being slow as she gracefully glided by. Time to put more wax on. We did and then I proceeded to chase Esther up a hill smacking her with my pole, haha. Tease me will you!! Too funny.

Joanne had to head out to meet her daughter so we parted ways and Esther and I continued on. It was beautiful out there. So serene, peaceful and quiet. There weren't too many people on the trail, given that it was a Thursday! I loved being out there. I can't wait till we go again on Saturday!!

Esther and I got a good ski in and the total time for the day was 2:57 hours. If it hadn't been getting dark out we would have stayed out there for longer!

We went back to the hut to grab Esthers gear and when we were inside a Forest Ranger came in to close things up. We mentioned the squirrel. He said they were going to set a live trap (see, they don't believe in harming the animals either!), but they thought the squirrel might be a Mum so didn't want to take her away from her babies. Awwww. Needless to say they have left her in there for now. While he wasn't looking I made sure to leave her a couple of almonds. Just to make peace because of the other, nasty, human hitting her.

I know, I know - DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. Normally I wouldn't. I just felt bad she got hit and wanted to make sure the 'kids' had a good dinner.

As we were leaving I looked in the window and saw Mrs. Squirrel merrily hopping along the picnic tables. I LOVE BEING IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!

The day was made perfect by enjoying a sushi dinner later then a hot tub dip while sipping some vino with my good friends Esther and David. Aaaaahh. This is the life!


  1. sound slike a great day - nuts and all!!!

  2. Well, at least you have something that can get squished. A very petite friend tells me that the techs seem to view her as a professional challenge and are determined not to get behind on their squish quota. One of my buddies has a male friend that had to go for a mammogram, odd as that sounds, and says that it was the most painful thing he'd had done to date.