Thursday, 10 January 2008

Lead Legs...

It was not easy getting up this morning...but somehow I managed to do that AND get myself to the pool on time!

We did a 200 m swim warm up, then did 5 x 100 m each of kicking and pulls. I noticed that I'm able to pull more water now. It was only for 100 m at a time though, so I'll have to work on keeping that up for 3.8 km, haha.

I'm still doing well with my flipturns, I'm happy to report!

The rest of the swim I can't actually remember, haha. It's actually Saturday when I'm writing this. My darned modem died on me so I couldn't post on the day! Total bummer!!

What I do remember is I swam HARD and we got about 2000 m done. I had teased my friend David about sweating after swimming...he mentioned he was last week and I was like, how the hell do you sweat after swimming?! Needless to say, I found I was doing the same after this workout! Hmm...perhaps a sign I worked my tail off!

I also had a run today. I was totally bagged after work. I know it's going to take a bit of time to get used to learning a ton at the new job and getting back into training. So although I wasn't physically fatigued from working out, I was still low on energy.

I missed last night though and I was not going to miss tonight no matter how pooped I was. So I doned some warm dudes, found my headlamp (it was bloody dark out!) and headed out. I followed the pathway behind the houses in the neighborhood. I thought it would be dark (hence the headlamp), but most of the houses had motion lights on the back so I could see quite a bit.

My legs felt like lead immediately. Urgh. I hoped the feeling would leave me soon. It was taking everything in me to keep going. I was trying to remain positive, but it was damn hard. I admit it...I was cursing up a storm with every step at one point, haha. I didn't stop though!

I was going to follow the path along the river, but I got part way and got spooked by a garbage bin....Hey, it was dark and all I could make out was something short and stocky on the trail! I didn't have my glasses on and my headlamp battery was I wasn't sure what the hell it was. Either a short attacker or perhaps, gasp, a bear. (It's not THAT far out the question...I live near the country...) By the time I figured out what it was I decided perhaps it would be wise to go back and run in the neighborhood, haha. So I did.

At about the 30 minute mark I got a little bounce in my step. Ahhh, that's more like it, I thought. And as quick as it came, it was gone. Shite!!

Slowly I made my way back. Up part of 'the hill', then around the path and back to 'the Beast'. Funny thing was I actually started to get into a groove at this point. Go figure, I only had 5 minutes to go, haha. I ran part way up the beast, then in order to keep my heart rate low I walked up the rest. Just to show how friggin steep this hill is, even though I was walking my heart rate was at the higher end of what I was to keep it at.

Finally, I was home. I didn't feel great during my run....but I would have felt worse if I didn't run. So I'm glad I pushed forth and got it done.

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